Final Fantasy XV – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Final Fantasy XV game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Think of dodging/blocking as more of a stance or mode than an action. You don’t need to tap it just as the enemy attacks – you can just hold it down and you’ll dodge automatically whenever the enemy attacks. This also works for blocking. No timing necessary.
  • Click the sprint button(L3 for PS4) right before running out of stamina to regain all of it(and thus be able to sprint forever). Turn on the stamina bar in options to make it easier.
  • Don’t sell all your treasures! Some can be used to upgrade weapons or combined with spells for special effects. Like if you have 35 Bear asses don’t be afraid to sell most of them but don’t sell stuff you only have 1-2 of.
  • Don’t sell Oracle coins, they’re useful later.
  • Regroup is an incredibly useful ability. It takes your party out of the fight and heals them. Repeated use will increase the amount it heals, so if you’re diligent about your use of it, you can maintain a consistent full or near-full heal for when things get bad. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything, so you can save your potions for when it matters.
  • Try to manage your resting intelligently. If you’re going to go into a big battle, you’ll want to eat food that boosts your stats, but these probably won’t be incredibly helpful if you’re just grinding. For that, you want an EXP boost. Also, make sure to seek out nicer places to rest, as they generally provide a greater experience boost.
  • You can cut down on a lot of travel time by leaving the car in strategic locations to be warped back to, such as the place you’ll turn in a quest, and then sprinting or riding a chocobo to the place where you actually do the tasks requested.
  • Skills which give you back AP like “get AP while driving” are basically traps. Its not that they dont generate AP, its that they do it so slowly over the course of a game youll probably at best break even on them, even the ones only costing 32 AP.
  • The skill group up in Ignis tree and starshot in Prompto are excellent early buys
  • The cheap additional accessory slot for all the boys is an excellent early buy
  • Magic is extremely powerful, but you need to invest in the tree so that you draw more at once and when you craft it the results are more powerful. Even without this magic is really potent, this just makes it a touch absurd.
  • The airstep line of skills for Noctis are invaluable if you plan to make him your main combat boy.
  • You can’t rent Chocobos until Chapter 3, and after doing the sidequest “Friends of a feather”. You might want to wait until Chocobos are available to get into hunts and sidequests properly, since otherwise the running around can get a bit boring.
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