Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Yeah, there’s a generational system. It’s different from Awakening in that the game has two separate generations, one where you play as the parents, and another where you play as the children. Because of this, you need to have your pairings locked up by the end of Chapter 5. Also children vary much more based on their parents, so it’s not like Awakening where pretty much any pair is workable. Anyway, here’s some advice on how inheritence/lovers system works.

Love points are gained whenever two people are on a map together, but is gained much faster when they’re standing side by side. After 50 turns, you don’t gain love points anymore. Once a pair reaches 500 love points, they become lovers. The other way to get lover points is by conversations at certain points in the game, which occur between set pairings. These pairing, normally called predestined pairings, generally provide quality children and so give a good guideline as to how to pair people.

Inheritance works as follows

Each mother has two children. Each child has a dominant and non-dominant parent – for everyone but Briggid and Ethlin’s kids, the dominant parent is the same-sex parent so I’ll use dominant and same-sex interchangeably. Anyway, each kid inherits their dominant parents growths + half their non dominant parents growths, their dominant parents inventory, some base stats according to complicated formulae, non-class skills and Holy Blood.

This makes me talk about Holy Blood. Some characters will either have minor or major holy blood of a certain line. This boosts growths, weapon ranks (which are static and locked to classes), and people with major Holy Blood can wield Holy Weapons. Anyway, a kid will inherit major holy blood from the dominant parent if they have it, and will inherit any other holy blood as minor holy blood. If both parents have minor holy blood of the same line, it’ll become major holy blood in both children.

Here are some good starter pairings:

  • Aideen/Jamka
  • Ayra/Lex
  • Lachesis/Beowulf
  • Fury/Levin
  • Sylvia/Claude
  • Tiltyu/Azel
  • Briggid/Holyn

Alright, some mechanical differences, because Geneology is pretty unique:

  • Promotion works differently. A characters level ranges from 1-30, and isn’t reset upon promotion. Instead, anytime from level 20, you can promote at your home castle and get promotion gains while keeping your level. Also, some prepremotes start below level 20, despite being promoted (including the lord of the first generation, Sigurd.)
  • The Arena can be accessed from any castle, and doesn’t kill you if you lose. Instead, you can only win a set number of fights per chapter, with gold and exp being the prize. If you lose, you just get left at 1 HP.
  • Every character has their own inventory and money. The only way to trade inventory is to sell an item to the Pawn Shop, and then have someone else buy it from the pawn shop. Gold can be exchanged between lovers, and thieves can give out gold.
  • Not everyone can double attack. You need the pursuit skill to do so.
  • Weapon ranks are static and don’t grow outside of promotion. They’re based on a combination of class, and holy blood. (Holy blood boosts it by one rank for minor, and lets you use anything for major.)
  • Villages don’t instantly get destroyed. Instead, they start at a base of 5000 gold for visiting them, and decrease by 500 gold for each turn a bandit attacks them.
  • Once a weapon gets 50 kills (denoted by a number next to a star in the items stats) it can start dealing critical hits, with a kills-50% chance. Outside of the Critical skill and using effective weaponry, this is the only way to get a critical hit.
  • Lachesis seems crappy, but when she promotes she promotes to Master Knight, which has insane promotions gains, learns Pursuit and can use every weapon type with an A rank except for Light Magic (a C rank) and Dark Magic (not at all). Leaf has the same promotion.
  • Weapons can be repaired at the blacksmith for a nominal fee.
  • Lex’s Hero Axe and the Pursuit Ring are super important.
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