The Ascent – How to Change the Language Outside of the Game

In this guide I will explain to you how you can change the language outside of the game.

Changing Language Guide

How to Change the Language

Here in the video or like in the following in case you do not want to watch the video:

First Way

Right Click on the Icon on Steam and go to Properties – under launch options you type one of those lines:

  • culture=”en”
  • culture=”en-GB”
  • culture=”de”
  • culture=”pl”
  • culture=”ja”
  • culture=”ko”
  • culture=”zh-hans”
  • culture=”pl”
  • culture=”ja”
  • culture=”ko”
  • culture=”zh-hans”

Second Way

You have to edit this file with a text editor after launching the game one time (edit while game is closed:

  • C:Users{YourUser}AppDataLocalTheAscentSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorGameUserSettings.ini

Add at the bottom add if not there and saveguard the file – eventually you have to turn on overwriting protection:



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