Starbase – Guide to Fuel Rod Replacement

Visual guide for replacing your empty fuel rods, the final boss of the tutorial.

How to Replace the Fuel Rod


Actually replacing your fuel rod.

Step 1. Locate your fuel rod

As of now the game does not really give any directions to what parts of your ship actually are.

Right behind your seat will be where the fuel rod is located.

Step 2. Locate replacement fuel rods

At the back of your ship in the sort of wings is where there are replacement fuel rods, 2 on each side giving you a total of 4 spare rods. You will have to craft new ones if you expend them all.

Step 3. Remove the fuel rod from its container

Press E while having your crosshair above the rod to remove it from the container.

Step 4. Remove empty fuel rod

Simple enough just do as you did in step 3, press E with your crosshair over the rod and remove it then chuck it into space!

Step 5. Insert the new fuel rod

Now a trick with the rods is that they will need to be aligned when inserted, pressing C while holding the rod will enable snapping, making insertion much easier.

Then just slot it into space and congrats, you can fly again!

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