Starbase – Fuel Rods Tips for Newbies

The most frequently asked questions in-game are fuel rod related.

Don’t Waste Those Fuel Rods! (Tip for New Players)

Using your fuel rods the most efficient way in early game is important, since you can’t buy them anymore and it will take some time until you can craft them or get them from other players.

The new Laborer’s “GeneratorUnitRate” is set to 100 by default.

Running your generator at that rate will eat up 1 fuel rod every 30 mins. You can solve this problem with generator management script later, but getting your hands on a yolol chip will also take some time. So you have to manage your generator manually.

The easiest way to do this is editing one of the device fields on your “Generator” button. You have to reduce the “ButtonOnStateValue” from the default 100 to 22 which is enough to keep up with the 2 default thrusters’ energy consumption.

Once the value is changed, restart your generator by turning the “Generator” button off and on again.

Turning off your generator while mining or stopped at a station also helps a bit.

You will have to increase the GeneratorUnitRate if you add more thrusters later.

I hope, this will help some of the new players, so they don’t run out of the 5 fuel rods in no time.


If your rods have already run out, you can craft more.

You have to research it, then collect the materials and craft it at a crafting bench, but that will take time.

Your best option is scraping your current laborer and claiming a new one which will come with 5 fuel rods again. Note that Laborer re-claim is limited to 10 times.

Soon or later you will be able to get fuel rods from other players at the auction house.

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