Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Law Abiding Citizen Achievement Guide

This is a guide on how to get the Law Abiding Citizen achievement.

How to Obtain Law Abiding Citizen Achievement


When You start the game, You are thrown into a mission called “Release”. at the very start of the mission you walk out into the driveway part of the mission.

Right here.

Most people would run through this part.

What you wanna do is walk slowly through each of the doors until you go through the 2nd door.

At this point it should say a runner kit has dropped or the steam achievement, or even the origin badge. after its done you can continue running. I’ve found that this achievement has a lot of lee-way

To obtaining it. If you accidentally run for a split second, still try to complete it.

If you didn’t start the game with this achievement, you can go back and play it at anytime by using the mission tab under TAB button.

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