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Final Fantasy - How to Unlock or Set the Framerate

Written by eyrie0   /   Updated: July 31, 2021    

How to hex edit GameAssembly.dll to set the max framerate of the game. Setting to certain values can mitigate the judder effect when walking around the world or town maps.

Guide to Unlock or Set the Framerate

Edit GameAssembly.dll in a Hex Editor

First, open GameAssembly.dll in a hex editor. I use HxD. Search for the following bytes in hex:

  • 8d 4a 3c

Side Note: These bytes correspond to the following assembly opcode: lea ecx,[rdx+3ch]

0x3c is 60 in hex and ecx is later used to set the memory location [GameAssembly.dll + 0x1771e80] to the value added to the rdx register here.

Here's what you should see when you find the correct three bytes:

Once you've found the bytes, you can change the 3c to whatever you want. Some values that seem to reduce judder:

  • (4b) 75 fps - for 75hz display
  • (73) 115 fps - for 120hz or 144hz g-sync/freesync displays
  • (78) 120 fps - for 120hz displays
  • (99) 153 fps - for 165hz g-sync/freesync displays

Change the 3c value to your desired framerate and save the file.

Now when you run the game, your max framerate will be the new value you entered!

Written by eyrie0.

Game:   Final Fantasy