The Ascent – Ultimate Guide to New Game +0

Finished the game and want to replay the whole campaign, but keeping your character and everything it has? It’s currently possible with a local co-op trick!

Trick to Start New Game +0 (with Keep the Character)


Two controllers plugged

Since the “trick” requires you to use local co-op, you’ll currently need two controllers plugged to trigger it.


Step 1: Creating a new profile

Go to “Singleplayer” -> “New Game” and create a new profile on an empty slot.

Skip the intro video, go to the Creator tab and just confirm it. You won’t be playing this character anyway.

Quit to main menu as soon as the game starts.

Step 2: Hosting a local co-op game

Make sure your newly created profile is selected

Using your “first controller”, select “Couch Co-op” -> “Hosted Saved Game” on the main menu.

Press A on the second controller to join, and select your “main character” save profile on the list.

Use the first controller to “Resume” and start the couch co-op session.

Quit to main menu using the first controller as soon as the game starts.

Step 3: Job’s Done

Basically, you just “erased” the world of your main character: when you join a local co-op game as player 2/3/4, the game will override the world of your characters with the player 1 character, meaning it’ll respawn pickups, chests, and reset the flags of the whole world state: unlocked areas, main and sidequests as well.

You’ll keep everything that matters: skills, armor, weapons, level, XP, and so on. It also seems that vendors will still keep selling late-game gear to you for some reason.

Advanced Usage

If you want to keep a save profile to “save” your current main character’s world state (main quests, side quests, and so on), you can host a local co-op session with it and join with a newly created profile, before “reseting” it.

This way you’ll be able to “load” its state later if you wish, without having to redo everything. It also allows you to have multiple save slots reserved for a certain main quest for example to redo it and farm XP.

Why +0?

Doing this will just reset the world to a “clean state”: it won’t make enemies tougher or anything, meaning you’ll probably have a much easier time redoing the game with everything kept.

It also allows you to easily upgrade your Cyberdeck (as the world pickups respawn), as well as score extra skill points due to the same reason.

Leveling gets really slow near level 30 and beyond, due to required XP per level.

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