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Terraria - How to Find a Rainbow Slime and Beating The Wall Of Flesh

Written by Radium   /   Updated: August 3, 2021    

Guide to Find a Rainbow Slime and Beat The Wall Of Flesh

First Step: Beat The Wall Of Flesh

Tip: I recommend using Molten Armor, Hermes Boots, Cloud / Blizzard / Sandstorm / Tsunami in a Bottle or Wings, Buffs (Iron Skin, Regeneration, Swiftness) and the most important item in this fight is the beenade. Beenades are obtainable by defeating Queen Bee.

  • I recommend having at least 100+ beenades.
  • After you killed Queen Bee a few times, and you have over 100 beenades, go to the Underworld and search for a Voodoo Demon.
  • After you found a Voodoo Demon, kill it, take the Guide Voodoo Doll that he drops.
  • Use stone / ash blocks to build a long platform in the Underworld.
  • Drop the Guide Voodoo Doll into the lava and run while spamming beenades.
  • After The Wall Of Flesh is defeated, the Hollow and Crimson / Corruption biomes should start to spread.

Second Step

  • Search for the Hollow biome and wait for a rain to start.
  • It is recommended to get a Lifeform Analyzer from the Traveling Merchant for 5 Gold Coins.
  • Now just wait until it spawns.


Rainbow Slime Drops: 1 - 20 gel, 30 - 60 Rainbow Bricks and the rarest item it can drop is the Blessed Apple that has a 0.5% chance being dropped.

Blessed Apple is an item that is used to spawn a Unicorn that you can ride.

Written by Radium.

Game:   Terraria