Sokpop S04: Featherfall – General Tips (Weapons and Progress)

General tips to progress the game and find some weapons that disappear.

Useful Tips and Tricks

All credit goes to Spike!

Hidden Weapons

After playing the game 4 times and not getting the 100% achievement I finally found the cause, it appears that the chain and dark sword will disappear if you don’t get the chain before the corrupted knight fight. let me explain. In 3 of my 4 runs I noticed that the chain disappeared if I killed the corrupted knight before collecting it and if I didn’t collected it before I killed him the dark sword would also be missing, the problem was that to reach the chain you needed a special weapon, either the harpoon or the other weapon the leader of the tribe dropped, when you charge the attack you can make a longer than usual jump allowing you to reach the items.

So in brief, make sure you have the chain before you kill the corrupted knight.

To be safe try to collect all items from each area before killing each boss, but in my case the only items that disappeared where related to the corrupted knight.


So most of the bosses can be easily cheesable, this is specially useful for the wooden stick run.

The tribe leader can be easily pushed off the ledge, move to the ledge and let him come, then rapidly move in front of him and do a sprint attack to push him off the ledge.

Do the same for:

  • Forgotten prince.
  • The green frog.

For the corrupted knight it is a bit trickier, first get his attention, then go back to the entrance of the boss gate and in the bottom left there is a small area you can jump to, go there and let the corrupted knight try to reach you, if he does get out and wait there until unless he escapes. repeat the process he should eventually fall through the small ledge after a few tries.

For the final boss you can kill him normally or you can skip the fight completely but skipping it won’t get you the achievement, but it is still useful for a speed run. when you arrive jut run to the top right, and circle the fence slowly, you can actually walk behind the fence and get to the other side of it to activate the credits.

As far as I know, the rest of the bosses do have to be killed normally.

Tips and Tricks

You can skip a lot of areas and bosses, for this you’ll need to get the harpoon and/or the weapon the tribe leader drops. The tribe leader weapon has a ridiculous long length, so much you can open a few gates from the opposite side just by attacking and the weapon will still reach the switch.

Also the sprint attack from the same weapon let’s you jump very far, so if you see part of another area you can try to reach it with it. you’ll be surprised how many areas you can skip by doing this.

For me the best weapon for damage is either the lance or the harpoon, many times you can hit an enemy 2 or 3 times with a single attack, the hitboxes are kind of broken.


  • Screenshots don’t seem to work in this game.
  • if you kill the prince and pick the paper he drops, you can show it to the guard NPC and he will assist you in the final fight.
  • If you kill the blacksmith she’ll drop 50 worms.
  • If you kill the witch you’ll get her staff.
  • The game progress % is kind of buggy, sometime you have to exit the game for it to update.
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