Wizard of Legend – How to Defeat Master Sura (with Fast Recovery 100% Defense Build)

100% Evade does not work on mega sura so we need to try something else.

Guide to Beat Master Sura

Core Relic

  • Neve’s Sapphire
  • Adorable Mimic [With X Relic]
  • Heavy Travel Jacket

For Fast Recovery We Need at Least 5 Relics

  • Neve’s Sapphire
  • Perfect Time Crystal
  • Absorption Coil
  • Regenerative Inkwell
  • Messy Prescription or Catalystic Tonic

For 100 Defense We Need at Least 4 Relics

  • Heavy Travel Jacket
  • Adorable Mimic
  • Helm of Midas
  • Golden Armor of Envy

Relics fed to the Adorable Mimic also count as “relics held”.

X=100 (The defense we need to achieve)

  • 20 (Helm of Midas)
  • 16 (Golden Armor of Envy)
  • 11 (relics held / Heavy Travel Jacket)
  • 5 (Midas×5 / Heavy Travel Jacket)
  • 48 “relics held” Provided by Mimic

  • So if you provide 48 relic for the Mimic you will have 3 free pockets to use (12-5-4=3).
  • Providing more relics is meaningless for defense… but it can make the attack higher.
  • If it is too difficult to provide 48 you can choose to provide only 36.
  • If you choose to do that, you need to use Thesis on Defense or Jade’s Chakra Locket to provide enough defense. Which means you have one less free pocket to use.

  • If you provide 24 you have only one free pocket to use Because you need both of them.
  • Because the cost performance of other defense relics is too low, it is not recommended to continue to reduce the requirements.
  • Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense.

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