GRIME – Useful Tips and Tricks

Warning! This guide contains some spoilers.

Tips and Tricks

Can’t see mouse cursor?

You probably have a controller attached. Try unplugging it and relaunching the game. If that doesn’t help, make sure to uninstall/disable any emulated controllers and software (e.g. vjoy).

How to change language

If you head to “Options,” then “Game Settings,” you’ll see a screen with three tabs at the top-center of the window. Click on the right-most tab and you’ll see a drop-down menu to help you select a language!

Do armor pieces give any gameplay benefit?

No, they are purely cosmetic (you look good in them, though!).

Respec stats

You can refund traits but you won’t be able to respect stats. You’ll collect a good variety of weapons in the first 1-2h, so my recommendation is starting by investing in Health and Force and after you’ve found a set of weapons you like, invest in their stats.

How to get skill points

Certain enemies drop Hunt Point when killed, use that to upgrade your traits.

Fast travel system

You can get fast travel skill from the final boss. In addition there are few portals at specific locations that you can unlock.

Frantic trait

It is passively activated when you are near a hidden path. Pay attention to any walls you’re near as you traverse through the game.

How to enable the Nail Scythe

You can buy it from a vendor once you reach the world pillar. There is a hidden path that leads to a stone bridge with spikes under it. The stones will break if you walk normally but If you have the Slow walk trait, you can walk over it!

Check the place with the green marker.

What to do after killing mothers

After that you continue to the right. You have to use the pull ability you got from the boss at some platforms along the way if i remember correctly. Continue walking right as long as you can until you get to a elevator which takes you to the area were you can upgrade weapons.

Also actually you don’t have to go there at all. You can spend hours of time going back, exploring several before unaccessable large areas, whuch are locked by runes on the floor and moving walls

What does ardent sand do?

After using it your next absorb will give you double the Breath (the resource used for healing), so essentially half a bar, rather than a quarter for a regular absorb.

Innocent stonegiant

He does give something useful but if you’d rather let him hang out with his rockhead friends, you absolutely should feel free to do so. He’s an optional objective.

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