The Desolate Hope – Guide to Unlocking Amos

Are those boss battles just too hard for you? Well, here’s how you can give a massive boost to your team!

How to Unlock Amos


If possible make sure that the night cycle has just began so you’ll have as much as time as possible to activate this.

  1. You’re going to want to immediately exit the station the moment this starts and collect a total of 6 items (It doesn’t matter which, just collect 6, bring them back, give them to the derelicts if you can).
  2. Repeat this 3 times so that you can get a total of 6. After you collect 6, head straight back to the outside of the station, and walk all the way to the end of the area.
  3. There should be a sparkle on the ground at the end. Click down on it, and you will obtain a wrench.
  4. During the time you’re doing this a space invaders type bonus will keep showing up. Just walk past them and straight back to the station, they aren’t necessary to complete. 
  5. They just give you some extra bits.I personally see them as distractions. When you make it back to the station, go to the room with the deactivated robot. 
  6. There’s a certain spot on the robot where you’ll need to click down. You will get a chip.
  7. Take it to the battle sim panel (This is at the entrance to the base) and click down.
  8. You will get a short simulation, of a boss battle against a target where Amos will be added to your party.
  9. Complete the battle, and Amos will be available next time you engage in a boss fight.

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