Master Bladesmith – How to Find All Easter Eggs

Locations for all four easter eggs in the game, avoid this guide if you prefer to finds them yourself.

Guide to Easter Egg Locations

Right at the Start

This one is easy to get, simply start the game and grab the sword from the starting logo.

Up High

This is the most difficult of the four to find.


On top of the armor storage is where you will have to get.

Step One

Start by jumping onto this counter, then on top of the jewelry bust.

Step Two

Jump from the bust to the corner of the wall, you will stick as if there is a ledge, you may fall the first few times as it can be a little tricky. Once you get into the corner you will have to jump again but into the wall, you will clip through and there will be a ledge to walk on.

Step Three

Simply walk across to the top of the armor storage and you will find the gold plaque, this is the easter egg.

Undisclosed Academic

Easy to find this one, just grab the beginner smithing book and keep turning the pages until you reach the easter egg.

Down Low

The final easter egg, not hard to find but hidden fairly well. Just look underneath the potion table in the shop. It’s another plaque on the bottom of this table. You may have to force your head under the table to get the achievement.

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