Scrap Mechanic – How to Dominate Haybots with a Mere Sledgehammer

Have you ever been seeing people with spud guns, shooting haybots with their epic gun and dominating, while being a new player with a mere sad sledge that will not even scratch a haybot, today we will make use of that weapon.

Guide to Dominate Haybots Easy

How to Get Some Swings in

Its pretty simple actually, its hit and run.

Just jump or run by the haybot and hit the robotic fool then run away as fast as you can until you know he missed his swing. Even if you missed your swing you can take your time if you are not losing too much health. Haybots can do 20 or 30 damage and it takes 5 swings to kill a haybot, good luck.

Multiple Bots? Oh No!

Now you’re screwed. You tried to get only one of them to notice you yet you forgot that when a bot is alarmed all other bots in its range get your location, now you have 2 haybots and 2 totebots after you!get the totebots first. Standing still while swinging can kill a totebot without losing any health.

Now here comes the haybots. One is lacking behind. Get the closer one as low as possible before the other arrives, when he does make them merge like a conga then do the hit and run method. Just really make sure you dont get hit this time. Also good luck with 3 haybots, but im 90% sure I have pulled it off before.


Haybot knockback: hey dont worry if you get hit using my method, if you were jumping instead of strafing then you will probably be launched quite far leading for an easier escape and a higher chance at get another hit in.

When not to worry: this is meelee! It takes no ammo so you shouldnt worry if your respawn is nearby, if you do the tactic right you shouldnt lose the 30 or 40 idk health that you respawn with and wether you just respawned or not the tactic still does the same amount of damage

If I think of more I might add to this specific section or make a new section entirely.

Note: I have not encountered tapebots or bosses yet, I do not suggest trying this with bosses or tapebots, dont or you’ll be clapped.

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