AMG – Basic Guide

Guide to Basics

First Things

First Up

You are given a small base to do with as you please. As you level the base, the more equipment and facilities you can use.

First thing you want to do, is collect resources. These will be immeasurable for upgrading your base and there are a few ways to do so.

First: Colony Ships, you can have one plus one additional per colonial star port level. Upgrade the collectors early, to gain maximum resources per hour. Then upgrade the Depositories to store more resources. This will help you deal with things over time. Also the Rebels will also give you additional resources over time.


Early on, stay focused with ships. You will get turrets when your command post reaches 3, even still however, if you buff ships enough you can get an early leap into the wars. However, ships do take fire from enemies first when defending. Therefore, after a colony ship reaches 2 or even 3, use that bonus to add a turret or two, and use the remainder for ships. Turret Upgrading requires resources per turret.


E-Bots control how many things you can upgrade at once. There is a hard limit of 4 however. Therefore it takes a level of wisdom to decide how to best use them. They are required also for turret building, and upgrading colony ships.


U-Coins can be earned via in game quests and events, and by paying hard cash. They can be used to buy E-Bots and Speed Ups. Later on can be used to buy tech prints as well. But be careful with them as they are a very limited resource in game.

Command 2-6

Gathering Speed

It is important to keep not only your resource collectors fully upgraded, but also finding resources to upgrade ships and turrets. Remember, a good level 3 turret can take out 4-6 ships before blowing up. Also keeping your hanger stocked and keeping up with PvP is also helpful, however most of the resources gained will be from the rebel ranks at this point. Try to get one colony ship

To at least Level 3-4 will also help in the long run. But also remember to balance ship level with defenses and resource gathering. It’s not as fast paced as the first part, but it does take a while to get there.

New Ships

While upgrading the hanger will allow for higher capacity of ships, upgrading the star-ports will unlock new ships. It is advisable to keep as many ships in the hanger as possible. However, in the event of an a conflict, you may lose ships. If you run out of one particular ship, you will not be able to launch the squad. It is recommended to keep at least 15-30 ships of one type in the hanger. But this also means forgoing new ships until you upgrade the hanger to at least level 4 or 5. Remember a level 4 hanger pod can launch up to 9 fighters at once. That means if they all get blown up, you will take a 9 fighter loss in the hanger. That kind of loss is 45 points in the hanger, and can easily be replaced, however some ships use more room than others.


By now you’ve probably unlocked a shield generator. They are great, however at level 1 can only absorb a few shots. If you do deploy them you may want to upgrade them up to at least level 3 early before you get attacked. They can absorb more and more shots each level after. The only downside, they use up the availability of 25. For reference, this is an equivalent of 5 fighters. So choose wisely when deploying them, where they should go.

Command 7+

Gathering Ore and Credits

Each alliance has technology that must be unlocked with ore and credits. Participating in events will earn these for you.

You can also exchange them for basic resources, but you lose difference after falloff.


The best way to get a feel for this game is to experiment quite a lot with it.

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