Project H – How to Pass

Please note: All credit goes to Kakisuki!

Guide to Pass

Exit Door

The first thing you’ll notice is a sealed door with 4 keys, in different colors.

To find the 4 keys you will have to solve 4 puzzles in the house.

Green Key

To get the Green Key you will need 4 pieces of mirror, each room has one, being (from the first where it spawns, to the right) on the shelf, next to the books, in the second room it is on the side of the panel below from the TV, the Third is under the soap opera next to the wardrobe (this is well disguised) and the last is in a safe, which you open by repeatedly trying a sequence.

After that put everyone in the mirror holder, a cutsene will happen and the green key will appear in place of the mirror.

Yellow Key

To get this one, you have to take the human skull in the second room and put it on the scale that is in the first room.

After that, a kind of safe will open in the second room (the safe is next to the skull) and in the safe there will be a lever.

With the switch, in the fourth room you will have a small painting, when you click it, will come out and a mechanism will be behind it, with the switch it will open a locker in the second room, which is the Yellow key.

Red Key

To get this one, you’ll need to solve the second vault puzzle. it’s in the fourth room too, and you open it putting the color sequence: Blue, Black, Dark Green, Brown (you find the colors in order in each room in the room by looking).

In the safe to a tool to wind up a hundred music, and with it you wind up the third-room box. After playing for a few minutes, in the fourth room again some books had fallen and behind them there would be a match.

With Phosphorus, you make a fire in the fire, after a while (you can just go to a room and then look back) the red key will be in place of the flame.

Blue Key

To get the blue key, you will have to use the white pots (1 in each room, 4 in total) changing colors in this sequence: Red, brown, blue and light green (left to right).

After putting in sequence, in the first room will have the blue key on a shelf.

P.S if you wanted to find the order of color by yourself, in the first quarter you will have in the books, the same colors q sequence the shape of the pots.

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