GRIME – How to Get Hidden Otherwhere Phlox Armor Set

This is step-by-step guide on where to find and how to get otherwhere phlox set.

Where to Find Otherwhere Phlox Armor


  1. After you get your first weapon, go back to the start of the game (first room you spawned in).
  2. Break through the wall on the left.
  3. Drop down and collect a Bloodmetal Shard.
  4. Then break through the wall on the right.
  5. Drop down further, defeat two Frantic enemies and collect an Unformed Body.
  6. Then break through the wall to the right. There’s one more enemy here (I think another Frantic) and then you need to break through the floor, just slightly to the left of the end of the passage.
  7. Drop down and you’ll find the Otherwhere Phlox set.
Written by Lucky Luscious

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