Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Hidden Monokumas (Chapter 1)

In this Guide I will tell you where to find the chapter 1 Hidden Monokuma’s.

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Hidden Monokumas Location

  • Monokuma 1: Right outside of the sleeping building on a table in between castle and sleeping building laying on table.
  • Monokuma 2: Inside the School Building Girls bathroom laying on Sink 
  • Monokuma 3: Next to school store to the right of the door is a bunch of tables and chairs. Monokuma will be walking back and forth. 
  • Monokuma 4: Enter the game room in basement, Monokuma will be jumping in the corner by the arcade games. 
  • Monokuma 5: The fifth one is in the anagram mini game, during the trial.

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