Trianga’s Project: Battle Splash 2.0 – How to Use Items

About how to use items in Battle Splash

Items in Battle Splash

Pentaga’s Special Item is the Disk Dryer:

  • Seeks out teammate and Drys them. 
  • Can Revive a downed teammate.

Quadra’s Special Item is the Digital Shield:

  • Deflects any Water Balloon and Sends it back to its owner upon contact with the Shield’s surface. 
  • Destroys all Enemies’ Items in a close range. 
  • Immunity Bonus: When the Shield is activated, any damage that is not enough to take Quadra down will be Discarded.

Temiko’s Special Item is the Recon Pole:

  • Sticks to any surface upon contact. 
  • Scans and Marks all Enemies and Enemies’ Items within a wide range. 
  • Effect Bonus: Upon activated, all friendies receive the same Scan Effect. 

Trianga’s Special Item is the Turret Seed:

  • Deploys a Turret on any surface upon contact. 
  • Turret Effect: Automatically Fires at Enemies at close range. 
  • Turret Effect: Will Disappear when Trianga got taken down. 
  • Turret Effect: Can See Enemies through Walls, and cannot attack any Robotic Enemies.

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