Terraria – How to Dash on Mount

An easy way to instant accelerate on mounts (If you have the proper gear).

Guide to Dash on Mount


Before doing this get some kind of dash item (Either shield of cthulhu(Not possible in classic mode), crystal assassin armor, tabi, master ninja gear, or solar flare armor (In order of progression)).


Set quick mount to a button you can easily press while using WASD (I prefer to set it to an extra mouse button, but you might not have one).

In Practice

To instant accelerate press quick mount, double tap the direction you want to go in, & press quick mount again as fast as you can.

How to Use with Jousting Lance

Do the steps mentioned on “In practice” & point the Jousting Lance at about the level of your feat for walking enemy’s or point it at them for flying enemy’s.

Note: I started doing this when i got a shield of cthulhu & it’s helped a lot in short distance transport, tho a mechanical cart & sky bridge is best for long distance transport.

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