Over The Phone – 100% Full Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.

Complete Walkthrough Guide


  • (Decline) No, don’t use my photos.
  • (Calm) Yeah, my phone number is 704-555-5253.
  • (Joking) It’s probably the first time anyone’s had this issue, but my internet is down.
  • (Grateful) Thanks for the tip.
  • (Assuring) I know.
  • (Considerate) You don’t have to do that.

Choose any TV show

  • (Doubtful) Nooo, I need your help.
  • (Dry) Take your time.
  • (Interested) So, your last name is some kind of animal?
  • Answer with: griffin
  • (Direct) I guess I made a good impression, for you to text me.
  • (Facetious) Kinda wish you’d sent a better photo, but…
  • (Inquisitive) Before or after we got off the phone?
  • (Nonchalant) I see. I see.
  • (Proud) Well, I have been doing it a long time.


  • (Curious) What have you been reading?
  • (Ambiguous) Yeah, I will if I have time.
  • (Bantering) Aww, were you sad?
  • (Goofy) Like a Hoover.
  • (Overwhelmed) It’s hard to wrap my mind around that to be honest.
  • (Skeptical) Seems kinda out there.
  • (Understanding) Seems to make sense to you, ha.
  • (Indifferent) Just didn’t feel like it.

Go to the beach

  • (Supportive) That’s awesome! Congrats.

Save 1

  • I don’t know. I think it’s just a coincidence. *Ending 1 unlocks*

Load Save 1

  • Yeah, I do.
  • Approve of her decision *Ending 2A unlocks*

Load Save 1

  • Yeah, I do.
  • Lie and push her away *Ending 2B unlocks*

Congratulations on your completion!

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