Toodee and Topdee – Guide to Every Level with Hints

Every Level Hints

Hello World!

  • 1:1 Topdee can push box’s
  • 1:2 Grab the bottom key first
  • 1:3 You can place blocks under Toodee mid air
  • 1:4 Only Toodee can pick up keys on clouds
  • 1:5 Save a block for Topdee
  • 1:6 Topdee can place a block under Toodee
  • 1:7 Place blocks under Toodee
  • 1:8 Ignore the holes
  • 1:9 Grab the key before you use both box’s
  • 1:10 Make sure to hold up or W
  • 1:11 Weight blocks can break blocks
  • 1:12 Weight blocks fall past holes
  • 1:13 Swap while Weight blocks are over holes to have them fall in
  • 1:14 You can jump on magnets on spikes
  • 1:15 Swap when Weight blocks are over holes
  • 1:16 Weight can break blocks
  • 1:17 You have enough momentum to jump against the wall
  • 1:18 Pausing stops blocks from breaking
  • 1:19 Don’t grab the keys as Topdee
  • 1:20 You can swap to avoid fireballs

Jungle Kingdom

  • 2:1 You can have the pigs follow Topdee and drop them in holes
  • 2:2 Spikes kill pigs
  • 2:3 Bats fly over blocks to chase Topdee
  • 2:4 Pigs collect keys
  • 2:5 Don’t grab the key
  • 2:6 Toodee can jump over the pigs while there coming at him
  • 2:7 Pigs can collect keys
  • 2:8 You can jump towards the bridge while the buttons pressed and by the time its not you’ll land on it
  • 2:9 Pigs can collect keys can press buttons
  • 2:10 By swapping to Toodee The animals will get further away from Topdee
  • 2:11 Bats can collect keys
  • 2:12 Bats will follow Topdee and when Toodee can collect keys
  • 2:13 As Topdee go to the corners
  • 2:14 Pigs cant cross black borders as Topdee
  • 2:15 Bats will stop following Topdee when you swap to Toodee
  • 2:16 Make sure to break all the walls
  • 2:17 The left side is useless
  • 2:18 Bring Topdee to the left corner
  • 2:19 Swap to Toodee while cornered
  • 2:20 The way hes facing is were hes jumping next and play on the bottom left platform and middle ones and 2nd kill move to the left


  • 3:1 Only Toodee can collect keys on clouds and keys in water
  • 3:2 Blocking plugs removes the water in that area
  • 3:3 Watch out for the bottom fire ball cannon
  • 3:4 Make cover using the blocks
  • 3:5 Weights don’t fall while in Topdee mode
  • 3:6 Plugging one drain will make the others fill higher
  • 3:7 Middle key left key right key
  • 3:8 Hold it above you to not die while in Topdee mode and place it under exposed clouds for Toodee mode
  • 3:9 You need a Weights
  • 3:10 Don’t grab the key with Toodee
  • 3:11 Iron blocks can block magnets
  • 3:12 Water destroys fire pallets
  • 3:13 The top laser is useless
  • 3:14 Use Weights and iron to block lasers
  • 3:15 Water destroys lazers
  • 3:16 Weights fall around the same speed as Toodee
  • 3:17 Pigs collect keys
  • 3:18 Weights can block lazers
  • 3:19 You only have 2 blocks ever blocking the first cloud
  • 3:20 If Toodee is in a hand or head hes get pushed up


  • 4:1 Toodee can push blocks can hold blocks through portals
  • 4:2 How far Toodee falls is also how much he’ll go up
  • 4:3 Portals teleport Weight blocks
  • 4:4 The further Toodee goes is the further he’ll fly
  • 4:5 Toodee moves the way Toodee and Topdee do while interacting with its terrain
  • 4:6 Tookee can push blocks and break blocks
  • 4:7 You can move Tookee higher with Toodee
  • 4:8 When a portal falls into the hole the other one acts like a weight block that can be picked up
  • 4:9 Moving the weight block higher will make it go higher
  • 4:10 Tookee can be adjusted with Toodee and Topdee
  • 4:11 Tookee can jump over holes then be moved by Topdee
  • 4:12 Blocks can hold down buttons
  • 4:13 Tookee can jump past gaps then be moved with Topdee
  • 4:14 While in Topdee mode blocks wont break
  • 4:15 Weights can hold down buttons
  • 4:16 Blocks can act as walls as long as there pushed against a wall
  • 4:17 Move the right one to then the left one
  • 4:18 You don’t need wood blocks and fire pallets break other fire pallets
  • 4:19 Tookee presses the button and Topdee grabs the key
  • 4:20 Left key right middle key


  • 5:1 Use the Iron block to hold down the button
  • 5:2 Use the second block as the block for the hole
  • 5:3 cover the drain then pick it up and run when Toodee is out of the water
  • 5:4 Move the top portal to the right and push the bottom one about 3 blocks down and hold on to them until Tookee
  • 5:5 Use the wood for holes and save the magnet block
  • 5:6 For head on attacks be Topdee
  • 5:7 Swap to Toodee when the block is under his hand

Shhh.. Secrets

  • 6:1 You can push weight over holes before they fall in
  • 6:2 Block one side of the fire shooters will leave you time to go through
  • 6:3 You can push metal box’s to another side by push it while go to a corner
  • 6:4 Topdee can pick up blocks in corners and place them in corners
  • 6:5 If Toodee is on a box you can swap to Topdee and move it and then hold jump while swapping and Toodee will jump on air
  • 6:6 If Toodee is on a box you can swap to Topdee and move it and then hold jump while swapping and Toodee will jump on air
  • 6:7 Tookee is a wall
  • 6:8 Move Tookee down while Topdee is in the air
  • 6:9 You can use a box to push The pig into the key
  • 6:10 Practice each boss by themselves
  • 6:? 2:5

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