ECHO – Gameplay Tips

Basic Gameplay Tips

  • Clones are 1-day copy. You can adjust your strategy freely as long as you keep it in mind. Happily walk over water if you aren’t going anywhere near water the next day etc. As in “their day 2 behavior (day+night) = your day 1 behavior during day”, “their day 3 behavior (day+night) = your day 2 behavior during day”. 
  • You can also push them and then run slightly further. They usually will not follow because they’ve lost you. 
  • Turning day to night: When you’ve earn enough points. Everytime the icy hologram copies you it seems to give a set amount of point (every action give different points but I have no idea how much). I usually just press R and shout softly afew times if I know I’m close to night. Killing clones award you the most amount of points. Just kill a bunch if you want to force night to come. 
  • Elevators are your best friend. Just spam the E button and you are immune to death. Yes, even if there were enemies on both ends. It also advances day to night. 
  • Don’t eat during day. I’m under the impression they run faster if they also eat. Oh, there’s also poison which you can eat to slow them down? I never really try it out apart from the 1 time I got the impression. 
  • Clones who die 7 secs (during night) prior to day time will not respawn. The transition is indicated by some sound effect. 
  • With (6) in mind, just run around and lure a whole bunch of them (this is why you shouldn’t eat during day cos they’ll catch up easily) and use riot gun to gather them alive being knocked down. When the day time sound effect begins, just shoot them dead. You’ll basically get free roam the next day with no enemies. 
  • With (6) in mind, DO NOT kill them too earlier. They WILL spawn right next to you and you will be in big trouble. 
  • Each transition to day time will render the clones useless for about 3 secs. You can do risky stuff or takedown one of them during this time. 
  • Shouts are useful when you are next to a pillar. Lure enemy to you while you merry-go-round it for a silent takedown. 
  • Struggle with 3 clones is instant death but struggle with 2 is great since it means they will both be knocked down. Do it when there’s only 2 enemies since the 3rd one will still get you if you did that. 
  • You can push them to their death as such:

  • You can shout them to their death as such: 

  • You can explode them to their death as such:

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