AX:EL – Complete Achievements Walkthrough

Get ready to roll the achievements!

How to Obtain All Achievements

Opponents Killed’s Achievements

If you want to get these achievements before playing the campaing or finished the campaign and didn’t get all, a fast way to farm is creating an arena match against bots going to Ops Center > Fighting Arena > New Battle, setting to maximum of bots (32) and maximum score (10000). Use a ship with high energy and build it with wings and tails of high expansion repair and recharge rate to be able to shoot more and recharge your energy faster.


  • Kill your first enemy

Bird Hunter

  • Shoot down 10 enemies

No Mercy

  • Kill 50 opponents


  • Shoot down 100 enemies


  • Kill 250 enemies


  • Destroy 500 enemy vehicles

Grim Reaper

  • Send 1000 enemies to the “otherside”

Hub Visited’s Achievements

In the main menu, click on Ops Center and after on Ship Hub.


  • Visit the hub.

Prototype Tester

  • Visit the hub 50 times

Mechanical Engineer

  • Visit the hub 250 times

Test Pilot

  • Visit the hub 100 times

Missions Achievements

To play the missions, click on Ops Center and on Mercenary Missions.

Launch from the Positrona III, neutralize the enemy probes before they are able to relay your position and return to base.

Spy Hunter

  • Complete mission 1

Arrive at mission area, perform underwater search of last known location of the Positronia III and return to base.


  • Complete Mission 2

Arrive at mission area, destroy all passive detection stations, taking the tracers to increase the timer and return to base.

Stealth Gunner

  • Complete Mission 3

Arrive at mission area, recover all satellite fragments from the air and ground, neutralize any threats and return to base.


  • Complete Mission 4

Arrive at mission area, destroy the shield emitters, attack and neutralize the generator emplacement and return to base.

Moonlight Rider

  • Complete Mission 5

Arrive at mission area, find fragment NS-C025 (localization in the image below), recover fragment and return to base.

Reef Pioneer

  • Complete Mission 6

Arrive at mission area, destroy any enemy forces threatening CITADEL and return to base.


  • Complete Mission 7

Take a special encryption package to Relay-04 (localization in the image below). On return, you don’t need to pass inside the white circles. You can follow it from the outside until the base.

Tough Guy

  • Complete Mission 8

Find Melina and defend Seagull.


  • Complete Mission 9

Destroy any threats threatening the bombers until the big ship with blades appear and destroy it. I recommend starting destroying the legs and finish with the arms and body.


  • Complete Mission 10

According to the developer, complete the 10th mission without dying too much with 5 times being the cap. A trick to do that is to beat mission 10 right after you beat it once (two times in a row) as you will go directly to the big ship phase.


  • Complete Mission 10 without a scratch.

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