Super Bomberman R Online – Green Bomber Guide

A guide on how to play Green Bomber in Super Bomberman R Online.

How to Play Green Bomber


So you really want to do this huh?

In a game full of wacky characters with different abilities and statistics, Green is the weirdest of them all, as he has the lowest stats in the game paired with Pyramid Head, but unlike, him, he has no special abilities to compensate. What he does have however is immediate and permanent access to the best defensive tools in the game. This being his Punch, Kick and Throw. You will have to use all the tools in your disposal to win, so lets go over them.


One of Green Bombers most important tools is the Punch. Using it will punch the bomb in front you a few spaces away. This is extremely important for ruining opponents traps and surviving.

To make good use of Punch you need good situational awareness of the board to know what places are going to be safe after a Punch, so this is mostly down to practice and keeping note of where bombs are as well as their firepower.


For kicking bomb you can use this to setup one of your bombs as a shield to block out bigger explosions and give you some extra breathing room. You can also use this to kick other players bombs too, if Punch isn’t applicable. Try to use this to trap opponents who don’t have any offensive powerups in Round Start.


While not as useful for Green as other Bombers, Green can use Throw at Round Start to trap anyone who doesn’t have any defensive abilities or to keep pressure on them. You can also use a throw to stun opponents who are next to a Bomb.

Strategy (Early Game)

At the Early Game at around Round 1 is where Green’s at his strongest. He is able to deal with all of the opponents traps and offensive manuevers when they most likely have no way to counter. You shouldn’t expect to get kills, but this is the most likely time to get them.

While you can probably get by standing still and doing the bare minimum, the best way to maximize your chances of winning is to snag powerups from deadly players if you have the chance. This is mostly in reference to White, but this is a good thing to do against every Bomber. Just chill out and enjoy this moment of calm while you can.

Strategy (Mid Game)

This is at around 35-30 players at around Round 3, and things are heating up. Everyone has more firepower and options at their disposal, which means you have to start playing carefully. Try to keep calm and avoid deadly ammunition from Bombers like White and Red, as well as trying to snag some powerups away before they get too strong.

Strategy (Lategame)

This is where things start getting real bad. Green is great for early game and around mid game he’s still pretty decent, but he falls off at lategame where mostly everyone start packing more heat and there is a higher chance of you dying. This is usually the last Rounds before the Final; Round 4 and above.

You have to play omega defensive and just do your best to Punch and Kick Bombs away from you as you find cover. Don’t try too hard too specifically snipe out the person throwing the Bombs, just by Punching and Kicking them Back you are ruining their traps and making them adapt. This is where its also very important to use your Bombs as a shield to stronger Bombs by waiting until the place a Bomb them sending out and Kicking a Bomb to i t so that way its blast radius will be significantly shorter. Just let the bomb slide all the way till it touches the bomb, the closer it is, the more leeway you have.

Strategy (Last Round)

So you’ve made it to the Final Round and about 2-10 people are left. This is where things get simultaneously the most hectic and the most calm. You continue what you are doing in the lategame, avoiding Bombs and being defensive, but once more Bombers are eliminated and the board starts getting smaller, this is you time to strike.

Keep playing defensive until the Board stops shrinking after the first Hurry Up. Now that the board is smaller, your bombs are more useful when it comes to putting the opponent in unfavorable situations. Trapping an opponent who has put themselves into one of the single tile holes can work, or you can simply throw one of your bombs and have it go to the other side, making your opponent adapt to its placement.

Punching and kicking Bombs have a higher chance of knocking out the opponent unintentionally, but the same also applies to you. Against experienced players, they will have their mapping sorted out for their Bombs, so the best plan is to either wait it out till the Board closes in completely(Where you can win from mistakes from the opponent or via Life Lead) or by getting them kiled through some smart Bomb placements.

Overall, this is where you should be playing a passive offense as you throw Bombs across the small stage to pressure opponents while defending like usual until you lame them out with a Life ead with Hearts, or they get caught in their own Bombs(or one of yours if you manage to trap them or get them by surprise due to a good bomb placement).


Green Bomber is weird. But he’s aso super fun, and consistent too if you want a nice way to get in the Top 32 or Top 16 for a Rank Up Challenge to get to Gold or any of the Higher Ranks. Don’t be afraid to play other bombers though if you want to play more standard bomberman, since Green plays a different game compared to everyone else.

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