Presence – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get 100% achievement (no spoilers).

How to Obtain All Achievements


I recommend finishing the game on your own before completing any of the achievements listed below. You can complete all the achievement in a second run in 15 minutes aprox.

Unfriendly place

  • Story related, can not be missed.

You get this achievement after complete the first room of the game.

The End

  • Story related, can not be missed.

Just finish the game.

A carpenter

  • Story related, but can be missed.

After pick up the axe, you have to remove all the wooden plank in the corridor.

Brave man

  • Can be missed.

To get this achievement you have to enter in room 6. Wait in the back of the room until the achievement pops.

I like to read at my leisure

  • Can be missed

To get this achievement you have to read all the documents in the game:

  1. When you start the game, in the reception.
  2. In the room 5, in the desk.
  3. In the mantaince room, where you get the axe (room 14). Check the right shelving.
  4. After remove the wooden planks, the first right room in the corridor (room 1). Note this room was closed before this point.
  5. After resolve the fuse puzzle, the left room. In the desk, near the 18 key.
  6. In the room 9. Check the desk.
  7. In the room 7. In the one of the beds in this room.
  8. Near the end of the game, when you enter in the room with the locker puzzle. Check the blue desk near the entrance of the room.
  9. In the same room that the #8 note, you will see a door in the right side to the bathrooms. The #9 note is there.

I really want

  • Can be missed

To get this achievement you have to be in front of the knife in room 7. Stay in front until the achievement pops.

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