Tech Support: Error Unknown – Xyndi Mechanics Guide

A guide to explain how Xyndi functions in the story, created to hopefully lower the amount of confusion surrounding it.

Guide to Xyndi Mechanics


In Tech Support: Error Unknown, many people are confused on how the group “Xyndi” functions both in the story and in the gameplay. This guide seeks to solve that problem, by providing useful information. Light spoiler warning.


Xyndi’s gameplay mechanics are activated a little while after the player becomes a Tier 2 specialist. Xyndi, outside of the story, for a while do very little, as they merely provide a bunch of info for the player to read through, including their failed solutions being shown to show what has already been tried, along with them occasionally having already asked for info. However, eventually, a new mechanic will be introduced to Xyndi employees, called Flagging. Flagging allows the player to report Xyndi employees to Quasar for certain bonuses.

Story Mechanics [Light Spoilers!]

If you have not played all the way to day 30 [the usual max amount of days possible in a run before most endings happen, and after most of all the game mechanics are introduced] OR are at an Xyndi-related story point, i’d advise you to be careful, as this section will have light spoilers, and there’s no real way around that. Read below this at your own risk.

Soon after the Flagging mechanic is introduced, Xyndi will contact you via support desk chat. He will request you tolerate Xyndi’s mistakes, as they, according to him, will get better over time, and they have no choice but to work with Xyndi due to the lack of other available jobs.

Should you accept this request, he will later email you, requesting money. if you give him the requested money, he will offer the support of Xyndi, asking you to forward the email of someone you wish to help to him. This will have NO effect on specific character’s stories [Except for Indigo, but i’ll get to that in a moment]. However, it will affect the 2 major factions of the game. If you forward an email from most of the Quasar-related characters [E.G Corwyn or Spence], you will see a unique email about your character’s desires related to Quasar, and they will attempt to assist you and quasar. However, if you forward them any emails from police-related characters [E.G Lana Black], they will send any evidence that they can to the police to further their investigation efforts into both Quasar and Indigo, and you will send another unique email in the FWD. If you send them any email from Indigo, they will attempt to assist in exposing quasar. You also send another unique email in the FWD.

Also, granting Xyndi the money for their request grants you the “Good Deeds” achievement, which is used in the icon of this guide.

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