Astroneer – How to Make Budget Portable Oxygenator

This guide will teach you how to make a portable oxygenator, without needing any Nanocarbon Alloy! You will able to explore anywhere without the need of tethers!

Budget Portable Oxygenator Guide

Here It Is in Action

First, you need an Oxygenator

  • You can just yoink the Oxygenator from your shelter, if you want to.
  • If you don’t want to yoink it from your shelter, then you need to unlock it, and print one.
  • You will need 1,800 bytes to unlock it.
  • And it requires 1x Aluminum, and 1x Ceramic in a small printer.

You will need a winch

  • You will need an Exo chip, and have to take a trip to Desole to get wolframite, and refine wolframite to tungsten, and make a Chemistry Lab using, 1x Tungsten, 1x Glass, and 1x Ceramic.
  • And using the Chemistry Lab, you will need to make rubber, 1x Resin, 1x Organic.
  • And finally make a winch using a small printer using 1x Exo chip, and 1x Rubber!

And, you will need a Large Platform A or B

  • You can print a Large platform A for 2x Resin in a medium printer.
  • Or if you want a Large platform B, you will need 500 bytes to unlock it, and 3x Resin using a medium printer.

Now unpack all of the items you printed, and put them all together

Put the Oxygenator onto the platform, and the winch onto the platform.

Last but certainly not the least!

Connect the winch to yourself!

Note: If the platform is not moving then, you have to put the platform in the air so its not glued to the ground.

Now you have unlimited oxygen!

Now you can forget about tethers and go anywhere with having to worry about oxygen!

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