Verdungo – Ultimate Enemy List (and What Items They Drop)

A detailed list of all enemies in the game along with what items they drop (no details on how to go about *killing* them, but from my experience you shouldn’t need too much help with that). The main purpose of this list is to help you track down any specific mob drops that you are looking for (like when I scoured the entirety of Verdungo looking for another dang protostego shell to finish crafting every item…)

Guide to All Enemies


I did my best to list the areas *in order* (not that there is a strict order to the areas due to the open world nature of the game of course)

  • Denotes an item that has a repeatable quest turn in.
  • Denotes an item that has a faction quest turn in.
  • Denotes an item that has a different quest associated with it.



  • Rat – Rat Tail*
  • Rat King (roaming boss, doesn’t respawn) – Rat King Claw***


  • Watcher – Healing tincture, mana tincture
  • Cave Guard – Bronze Axe, Leather Cap, Leather (armor)
  • Naga – Healing tincture
  • Cave Scout – Bronze Axe, Leather Cap, Leather (armor), Iron Spear, Healing Tincture
    Note: Appears with Cave Guard drops uncertain

  • Cave Man – Staff, Leather Cap
  • Baby Green Dragon (stationary boss, doesn’t respawn) – Ring of life, Ring of Mana, Necklace of Life

Belfast Outskirts

  • Wolf – Wolf Pelt*
  • Wild Boar– Boar Hide*, Leather, Horn
  • Deer – Fur, Leather

Gnoll Caves

Gnoll Caves

  • Gnoll – Perfect Gnoll Hide*, Gnoll Hide*, Fur, Pickaxe, Cloth, Fishing Bait, Iron Axe, Leather Cap, iron small shield, fishing pole, iron long sword, iron dagger
  • Gnoll Shaman – Staff, Ring of mana, orb, Magical Essence, Ring of life

Gnoll Caves East

The eastern section has stronger enemies than the main one.

  • Elite Gnoll – Gnoll Hide, Perfect Gnoll Hide, Pickaxe, Fishing Bait, Fur, Cloth
  • Gnoll Shaman (same as before)– Staff, Ring of mana, orb, Magical Essence, Ring of life
  • White Fang (stationary Boss, does not respawn)– White Fang Necklace

Orange Tree Road

  • Wolf – Wolf Pelt*
  • Iri – Red Grass, Blue Grass

Jordan Area

Jordan Outskirts

  • Minotaur – Minotaur Horn, Ring of Strength, Padded Leather Cap, Red Grass, Steel Falchion, Padded Leather, Necklace of Strength
  • Goblin – Minor Healing Potion, Pickaxe, Fishing Bait, Sprig, Red Grass, Blue Grass, Steel Dagger, Iron Small Shield, Cloth
  • Orc – Healing Tincture, Cloth, Balm Leaves, Padded Leather Cap, Padded Leather
  • Bandit – Bandit Scalp**, Fishing Pole, Water Flask, Leather, Cloth, Steel Long Sword**, Steel Dagger, Padded Leather Cap

Goblin Camp

  • Goblin (wandering)
  • Dread Wind (wandering) – Ring of Protection, Necklace of Protection

Undead Dungeon

  • Zombie– Zombie Flesh**, Leather, Cloth, Magical Essence, iron ore, Coal
    Note: If you are farming these, make sure to go down to level 2 as they appear in groups of four!
  • Skeleton Warrior – Pickaxe, Magical Essence, Bone Splinter, Iron Ore, Iron Bar, Coal, Steel Long Sword**, Breast Plate**, Steel Small Shield**
  • Necromancer (Stationary boss, doesn’t respawn – Magic Staff, Dark Cap, Dark Robe

Innothuhl Swamp

  • Troll – Fishing Bait, Magical Essence, Silver Grass, Balm Leaves, Totem
  • Froglock – Healing Potion, Magical Essence, Balm Leaves, Blue Grass, Aloe, Mana Potion, Sprig, Phoenix Feather, Sage Leaves, Clover
  • N’Guru (Stationary Boss, respawning) – Phoenix Feather, Ring of Enlightenment, Ring of Intelligence, Necklace of Vitality (don’t always drop)

Raegoth’s Pass

Raegoth’s Pass

  • Wererat – Wererat fur*, fur, Magical Essence, totem, Essence of Reaction, Adrenaline
  • Highwayman/Highwayman Leader (stationary boss, non-respawning. Can skip by paying 100 gold. May lock the game if you try to pay coming back the other way. Save before paying) – Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Phoenix Down, Velvet, Ginseng, Ring of Swiftness, Ring of Accuracy, Ring of Evasion

Sleeping Forest

  • Werewolf (wandering boss, respawning) – Werewolf Fur***, Werewolf Tooth***, Werewolf Claw***, Magical Essence, Soul Essence, Vial of Charisma, Essence of Reaction
  • Earth Golem – Magical Essence, Red Grass, Phoenix Feather, Sage Leaves

Abandoned Mine Shaft

  • This place is freaking scary at low levels, so be careful.
  • Cave Spider (the easier of the two by far) – Fang, String, Magical Essence
  • Hornet (comes in packs of 8) – Honey, Ginseng

Midport Area

World Map

  • Grizzly Bear – Perfect Grizzly Pelt**, Fur, Hemp


  • Slime – Magical Essence
  • Sewer Snake – Fang, Scale
  • Ersula (stationary quest giver) – Elixir of Vitality, Soul Essence, Trident of Ersula (Can be obtained another way… You monster)
  • Siriki Adventurer (stationary quest giver) – Steel Long Sword, Steel Small Shield, Siriki Warhide, decreased faction with Siriki (-5)

Naila’s Woods

  • Man-eater – Magical Essence, Red Grass, Blue Grass, Balm Leaves
  • Quetzalcoatlus – Quetzalcoatlus Beak**, Ring of Vitality
  • Sabertooth – Sabertooth Fang**, Fur, Claw, Fang
  • Nomad – Minor Mana Potion, Minor Healing Potion, Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Water Flask, Totem, Vial of Charisma, Essence of Reaction, Adrenaline, Ring of Evasion

Holtz Cave

  • Kobold – Minor Healing Potion, Minor Mana Potion, Pickaxe, Fishing Pole, Fishing Bait, Fur, Ginseng, Iron Bar, Steel Bar, Iron Long Sword, Iron Small Shield, Ring of Dexterity
  • Trilobite
  • Ogre – Pickaxe, Fishing Pole, Fishing Bait, Iron Bar, Steel Bar, Steel Axe, Padded Leather, Ring of Power
  • Ogre Shaman – Magical Essence, Holy Water, Necklace of Enlightenment
  • Kobold King (wandering monster, respawns) – Minor Healing Potion, Pickaxe, Fishing Pole, Fishing Bait, Ginseng, Iron Bar, Steel Bar, Iron Long Sword, Steel Long Sword, Iron Small shield, Steel Small Shield, Ring of Dexterity, ring of Accuracy
    Note: Gives Holtz Faction +2

Holtz Cave Back Area

You have to get to 50 with the Holtz faction before you can access this area

  • Minibite – Magical Essence, Orb, Crystal, Silver, Bronze Ore
  • Trilobite
  • The Bringer (boss that drops on your face as soon as you enter the room with the crystals. Be forewarned) – Soul Essence

Khazick Castle Entrance

  • Kazick Soldier – Steel Long Sword**, Breast Plate**, Plate Helm**
  • Kazick Mage – Magic Staff, Mithril laced cap

Kazick Castle

  • Kazick Knight – Steel long sword**, steel platemail**, steel tower shield**, plate helm**
  • Kazick Ranger – War Bow
  • Lord Kazick (Stationary Boss, no respawn) – Kazick Blade, Kazick Lance, Khazick Platemail, Khazick Plate Helm, Khazick Pendant.

Dino Island

Main Area

  • Raptor – Raptor Claw, Magical Essence
  • Brachiosaurus – Brachiosaurus Tail
  • Stegosaurus – Stegosaurus Plate
  • Tyrannosaurus – T-Rex Tooth
  • Triceratops – Triceratops Horn, Magical Essence
  • Sinagin (respawning, wandering boss) – Soul Essence
    Note: Gives Siriki Faction +2

Cathule Cavern

To get to the Earth Lord on floor 4, you will need to activate all 3 plaques to spawn the ladder down to it.

  • Protostega (floor 1 only?) – Protostega Shell, Magical Essence
  • Giant (sword variant) – Magical Essence, Mastodonic Plate
  • Giant (Axe variant) – Magical Essence, Mastodonic Axe, Mastodonic Shield, Mastodonic Necklace
  • Earth Lord (Respawning Boss, stationary) – Magical Essence, Soul Essence, Earth Stone, Earth Crest

Athos Village Vampires

All vampires are non-respawning wandering monsters.

  • Vampire (Inn) – Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Mana, Elixir of Speed
  • Vampire(s) northeast house – Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Mana, Elixir of Strength, Elixir of Magic, Elixir of Speed
  • Vampire (inside north of town) – Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Strength, Elixir of Magic
  • Vampire (north building) – Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Strength, Elixir of Magic

Open Sea

Sea Beast appears when you travel to the east on the first boat you get. He appears about midway through the narrow passage that is lined with volcanoes

  • Sea Beast – Magical Essence, Soul Essence

The Desert

First Section

  • Zelniak – Magical Essence
  • Ork Hog – Amethyst, Emerald, Mithril Axe, Mithril Shirt, Mithril laced Cap
  • War Pig – Leather


Due to everything appearing together, all of the following are cross-contaminated so these may not be super accurate

  • Undead Warrior – Topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond, Turquoise, Mithril Long Sword, Mithril Kite Shield, Mithril Shirt
  • Mummy – Phoenix Down, Amethyst, Jade, Sapphire, Diamond, Lapis Lazuli
  • Mausoleum Walker

Second Section

(Same as first section)

Sand Cellar

To access the room with the Light of the Sands, you will need to complete the quest to get the cellar key first.

  • Spirit – Ectoplasm*
  • Ghost – Super Healing Potion, Super Mana Potion, Magical Essence
  • Wisp – Wisp Essence, Magical Essence
  • Darkness (rare enemy?) – Phoenix Down, Lapis Lazuli Amulet
  • Light of the Sands (non-respawning Boss) – Sand Staff, Ring of Light

Assassin Cave/Oasis

  • Bandit – Mithril Long Sword, Mithril Shirt
  • Mercenary
  • Wandering Assassin – Black Book**, Assassin Blade, Cloak of Amnesty, Cap of Amnesty
  • Oasis Guard/Guard Captain Harold (if you side with the assassins)– Mithril Long Sword, Diamond Blade, Mithril Platemail, Mithril Helm, Ornate Shirt, Ornate Kite Shield, Ornate Cap
  • Roald (if you side with the guards) – Spectral Elixir, Roald Dagger, Roald Blade, Assassin Ring
  • The Dark Shadow (if you side with the guards) – Sword of Darkness, Dark Plate, Veil of Darkness (gives chests that have Shadow Fists, Stone of the Dark Shadow)

South of Desert


  • Cockatrice – Cockatrice Beak, Cockatrice Feather, Feather
  • Luvia – Super Healing Potion, Super Mana Potion, Phoenix Down, Vial of Charisma
  • Longisquama – Magical Essence, Velvet, Totem, Orb,
  • Cave Dragon (stationary boss, respawns) – Dragon Hide, Dragon Necklace

World Map

There is one specific section that spawns these cultists just after you cross a bridge going south (after the unnamed cave)

  • Cultist – Greater Healing Potion

Frontier Mountain

  • Reko Dra Kahn (Wandering Monster, no respawn) – Soul Essence, Silver, Honey, Coal, Nian’s Necklace***, Diamond Tower Shield
  • Hobgoblin – Silver, Honey, Coal, Ruby Blade, Diamond Platemail, Diamon Mithril Helm
  • Hobgoblin Paladin – Magical Essence, Velvet, White Lillies, Honey, Turquoise Tower Shield, Turquoise Platemail
  • Frontier Dragon – Dragon Hide, Magical Essence, Soul Essence, Dragon Blood, Dragon Ring, Dragon Necklace
  • Chimera – Claw, Fang, Feather, Magical Essence, Lion Leather
  • Soul Crusher (Stationary Boss, no respawn) – Spectral Elixir, Soul Essence, Wizardry Ring of Brilliance, Wizardry Necklace of Brilliance



  • Mahldeck (if you take Branson’s side, which you should) – Elixir of Magic, Spectral Elixir, Magical Essence, Soul Essence, The Golden Egg

Naval Portion

All battles here are one time things. These drops don’t appear to be good for anything but selling either.

  • Raider – Pillaged Goods
  • Pirate – Treasure Bag
  • Saghorn – Treasure Bag, Soul Essence


  • The Tormentor/Rah Kull (prequel to final boss, no respawn) – Spectral Elixir, Basement Key (Quest item), Soul Essence, Tormentor Staff, Culling, Sphere of Torment, Starlight Necklace

The Frozen North

If you don’t want to quite complete the game yet, check out the Challenge Areas section! However, note that the stuff there is actually harder than the final boss, so you may want to wipe the final boss out first.

Entrance/Left Path

  • Tundra Hunter – Fur, Claw, Fang
  • Frost Cyclops – Magical Essence

Ice Palace

  • Frost Dragon – Dragon Hide, Soul Essence, Dragon Ring, Dragon Necklace

Outside Hielo

  • Frost Burn (stationary boss, no respawn) – Soul Essence

Castle Brimstone

  • Wyrm – Magical Essence, Soul Essence, Meteorite, Dragon Blood, Aluzahn Plant
  • Note: This is a good monster for a few level 10 crafting recipes!
  • Predator – Soul Essence, Meteorite, Adrenaline
  • Brimstone (Final Boss, no respawn) – Soul Essence

Creates the portal to the end credits when defeated. Save before entering it as there is no postgame

Challenge Areas

These areas are accessible once you have the deepsea boat, but it may be easier to actually complete the game first. Your call

Dragon Monk Island

Dragon Monk Island is found to the west of midport. You will need the deepsea boat to get there.

  • Dragon Monk/Dragon Lancer/Dragon Priest/Dragon Warrior/Dragon Shaman – (no drops, but gives a lot of gold)

The Primordial

The primordial can be found in a cave east of Athos Village.

Athos Village can be found to the south and east of midport.

  • Primordial – Fang, Cloth (and a lot of gold)

The Leviathan

Directly south of the dino island, there is a patch of grass with a fishing spot. Attempting to fish there immediately gets you into a boss fight.

  • Soul Shame – Spectral Elixir, Soul Essence, Leviathan


This is the hardest area in the game and should likely be the area you clear last. You can find it to the east of Verdungo surrounded by molten lava

  • Hell Knight – Soul Essence
  • Hell Brute – Soul essence
  • Hell Lord – Hellstone

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