HighFleet – Guide to Unlock Varyag (Heavy Flagship Cruiser)

How to unlock the heavy flagship cruiser Varyag during the game.

How to Unlock Varyag


This guide contains spoilers, so if you have not reached the endgame, be aware.

Following this, you can unlock the heavy cruiser Varyag to select as your flagship in future campaigns in this save slot. It is the meanest stock combat ship out there and can obliterate multiple strikeforces (just don’t try to repair it in one go).

First of all, I do not know if this is the only way to unlock it, but this is the way I managed it.

A Matter of Faith

To unlock specific dialog options in events, I think you need a high worldview “Faith”. Try to select religious and mystic options as much as possible during events, and try to avoid talking down on faith during Tarkhan recruitment.

At one point when landing in a new city, you are asked to visit an old doyen.

Accept the invitation and when asked why you can read the holy texts, claim it to be a miracle.

When the darkness comes in an event, always choose the faith options and adress your soldiers as “Brothers and sisters…”

After some time, in your next speech to the fleet, again choose faith and claim to be the prophet.

Finally you will be asked by the Lord Governor of Khiva to meet him alone in the valley of Basra.

If you meet him in a single ship (park the fleet a few km out in the desert) and talk to him peacefully, you should now have the option unlocked to once more claim to be the prophet.

Now you can try to recruit him, with some of his views, although they seem somewhat randomized, so be careful:

  • Proud Romani
  • Kind
  • Peace-Minded
  • True Believer

If you succeed the Lord Governor will join you, and you now have the Varyag unlocked for future campaigns, congrats!

To Do

  • Write down the specific event choices.
  • Find out if there is another worldview to get the Lord Governor to join.
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