Goose Goose Duck – Common Glitches and Bugs Guide (How to Fix or Prevent)

This guide covers common glitches and bugs I’m aware of and how to fix and/or prevent them.

Known Glitches Guide

All credit goes to Danero!


Goose Goose Duck has several bugs and glitches that are an inherent part of the game. While the developers are doing their best to patch everything, there are plenty of reasons why some bugs will persist. Please be aware that a bug or glitch you’re experiencing may not persist or be common among players, as I am mainly trying to cover common glitches that I see frequently. There are several issues that have been covered in more detail in pinned discussion threads, so don’t forget to check those out if you’re having an issue not covered here.

Is it a Glitch?

There are several known issues that stem from outside factors that are on the end of the player and not the game itself. Some such factors include your PC not meeting the minimum requirements for the game, your internet connection being unstable, or trying to play from a country that interfere’s with Gaggle’s built-in authentication software.

Game Stuck on “Game Starting”

  • Who: The host of a lobby.
  • When: In the lobby before a game starts.
  • Symptoms: The message at the bottom of the screen says “game starting” but the game does not start.
  • Known Cause(s): A player joining the lobby within a few frames of when the host clicked the button to start the game.
  • How to Fix: The owner of the lobby must leave and rejoin the lobby. The new host should be able to start the game.
  • How to Prevent: Always lock your lobby before starting if the lobby is not full and there is a distinct possibility of more players joining.

No Player Interface

  • Who: Some or all players in a game.
  • When: After the game has started.
  • Symptoms: Icons for use, report, special abilities, and the minimap are not on-screen. Hotkeys to perform these actions do not work.
  • Known Cause(s): Often seen in conjunction with the game starting glitch above, but it can happen at random.
  • How to Fix: This glitch is usually fixed if you end the current game and start a new one, so call a meeting, determine how many players were impacted, and agree to vote out (preferably) the dodo or the ducks to end the game if a lot of players were affected, particularly if the ducks cannot kill. If only one or two geese are affected, the game can pretty much continue on as normal even if those players are affected.

Lobby Settings Discrepancy

  • Who: Between the host of a lobby and other players.
  • When: Usually after changing a setting. Usually noticed after a game has started.
  • Symptoms: A setting selected by the host does not match the settings seen by other players or the settings in the subsequent game. Players and/or the host closing and reopening the settings interface does not change the discrepancy.
  • Known Cause(s): Unknown
  • How to Fix: When you have identified a discrepancy, try changing the particular setting to something else then back to what you want. This normally fixes the issue but may have to be done more than once.
  • How to Prevent: If there is a critical setting (such as the number of ducks), the host should make sure that what they have in the settings matches what other players are seeing before the game starts, especially after changing a setting.

Microphone Not Working After Joining New Lobby

  • Who: Players in lobbies with voice or proximity chat.
  • When: In the lobby after joining a new lobby.
  • Symptoms: Your name does not flash yellow when you talk and other players cannot hear you (assuming that your microphone is set up properly and normally works).
  • Known Cause(s): Unknown
  • How to Fix: Leaving the lobby and rejoining usually fixes this issue.
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