Hood: Outlaws & Legends – 100% Full Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements / Trophies


A guide to list the achievements and provide a few tips on how to get them. Nothing fancy, you have seen them before…

I have the achievements broken down by Common (Bronze), Uncommon (Silver), and Rare (Gold). I only assigned these designators based off of the color scheme the developers in the achievement artwork.

A Few Notes

  • Most of these achievements are relatively easy to get, just mix up the characters you use and grind, grind, grind.
  • Wait to get skins until after you get the Hideout to Rank 10.
  • Maintain about 500-1500 gold on hand for perks as they become available, the rest dump to the Hideout.
  • Personally, I got all of my characters up to Rank 5 and them ground each up to Rank 10.
  • Once all characters were at Rank 10, I put all gold into the Hideout in increments of 50. i.e. You win 364 gold, 350 goes to the Hideout, 14 goes to you.

Achievements No Secret

Common (Bronze) Achievements

A list of the Common (Bronze) Achievements in alphabetical order. Hints on accomplishing them are blacked out as spoilers.

A Local Hero

  • Reach Player Rank 25.


Backwood Butcher

  • Within a single match, kill 4 unique players on the enemy team (4v4 Heist).

Easiest to accomplish with explosives, assassinations, or ranged attacks.

Challenge Accepted

  • Complete a set of Daily Challenges.

Look at your Daily Challenges and do them…

Equipped For Action

  • Equip a Perk in each of the available slots for any character.

Grind and equip perks. Robin can accomplish this by level 5, all others by level 4.

God of Death

  • Kill 3 enemy players with in 5 seconds (4v4 Heist).

Explosives. Specifically, Robin’s Tier 3 Perk ‘Mercurial Arrow’ while they are gathered at a location like the winch.

Laying Claim

  • Reclaim a Capture Point from the enemy team (4v4 Heist).

Find a red spawn point and reclaim it. Easy

Light the Campfire

  • Upgrade the Hideout for the first time.

Post-match, donate gold ‘For the People’ to level Hideout to 2.

Lincoln Green

  • Purchase and equip a Cosmetic.

Change the skin on a characters clothes or weapon. Perks do not count.

Making Marks

  • Kill an enemy tagged by a team-mate, or have a team-mate kill an enemy you have tagged (4v4 Heist).

Tag an enemy and watch as a friendly player kills the target. Simple

National Treasure

  • Reach Rank 10 with a single character.

Grind. Pick a character and grind.

Petty Thief

  • Steal 25% of the Trinkets.

Assassinations on every map. The more assassinations, the more chances for Trinkets.


  • Complete a match on 5 maps (4v4 Heist).

Grind. Eventually, you will play all maps.

Sleep Tight…

  • Perform an assassination on another player (4v4 Heist).

Assassinate an enemy player… Duh.

Strike that, Reverse it

  • Disrupt the enemy team during the final stages of Extraction, 90% progress or more (4v4 Heist).

Stop the enemy from extracting at the last moment. Explosives help.

The Ballad Unfolds…

  • Piece together one set of Legends.

Grind. it doesn’t matter who you use, The State will be the first story completed.

The Hood, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Complete a match with a team of unique characters (4v4 Heist).

Start a game with a team of all unique characters (i.e. no duplicates characters)

Under The Influence

  • Kill an enemy who is affected by a Flash or Poison (4v4 Heist).

Use a Tooke or Robin, use your grenade, assassinate them.

You Win or You Die

Steal the Chest extraction, after the enemy team has claimed the first 6 notches (4v4 Heist).

See 8 steps to win every game… No Really, every game, for inspiration.

Achievements (by Rarity) Cont.

Uncommon (Silver) Achievements

A list of the Uncommon (Silver) Achievements in alphabetical order. Hints on accomplishing them are blacked out as spoilers.

…The Ballad Ends

  • Piece together all of the Legends.

G. R. I. N. D.

Assassin’s Greed

  • Steal 100% of the Trinkets.

See The Ballad Unfolds, then multiply by four…

Heroic Deeds

  • Successfully extract the Treasure on 5 maps (4v4 Heist).

Grind. Just like the Pilgrimage Achievement, eventually you will get wins on all maps.

Infamous Outlaw

  • Score over 2,500 points in a single match (4v4 Heist).

Mark everything you can, get assassinations, and grind.

Merry Men

  • Reach Rank 10 with 4 different characters.

Yup, more grinding…


  • Claim three successive Treasure Notches without the winch interaction being disrupted (4v4 Heist).

Use the perks that speed up winching and use the sprint while winching.

The Suspense is Terrible

  • Successfully extract the Treasure without killing anyone on the enemy team (4v4 Heist).

Provide support, heal, reveal enemies, move the chest, crank,

This. Is. Sherwood.

  • Upgrade the Hideout to Rank 10.

Grind. The fastest way, donate everything to the Hideout after you purchase your perks.

Time is a Precious Thing

  • Successfully extract the Treasure within 12 minutes (4v4 Heist).

Move fast and work as a team. Wash, rinse, repeat.


  • Carry the Treasure from the Vault and, without dropping it onto the Winch (4v4 Heist).

Having a good team to distract the enemy players at a distant location is a massive boon.

Rare (Gold) Achievements

A list of the Rare (Gold) Achievements in alphabetical order. Hints on accomplishing them are blacked out as spoilers.

A Living Legend

  • Reach Player Rank 100.


Toss a Coin to Your Yeoman

  • Spend a minimum of 20,000 Gold.

Step 1: Play match, make gold, spend gold… Step 2: See Step 1.

Achievements (Secret)

Warning, the following achievements are listed as secret.

Common (Bronze) Achievements

… Not Today

  • Avoid dying for the entire duration of a match and successfully extract the Treasure (4v4 Heist).

Hide, hope your team wins. It’s completely selfish move though… Your call.

… The Pack Survives

  • Within 10m of a team-mate, perform a synchronised assassination on an enemy (4v4 Heist).

This is the easiest at the start of the match with paired roving guards. Communicate.

A Higher Power

  • As Tooke, highlight 10 or more enemy targets within a single ability use.

Use the Tier 1 Innate Insight Perk, run around ‘collecting’ a bunch of the guards at the start of the game, pop ability.

A Key to Rule Them All

  • Steal the Key from the Sheriff (4v4 Heist).

Sneak up behind the Sheriff and steal the key… This is why there’s a tutorial.

!!!Faceless Wraith

  • As Marianne, assassinate 3 enemies within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist).

Use Tier 2 Territorial Thief Perk and Tier 3 Elusive Wish Perk, ‘collect’ some guards, pop ultimate, become an assassination spaz.

Fall from Grace

  • Kill an enemy player whilst they are climbing a rope or ladder (4v4 Heist).

Ranged attacks are good mid climb, John/Tooke heavy attack at the top, or assassination at the bottom. Can anyone say sticky grenades?

Fear Cuts Deeper

  • Luer a State Guard into a bush then assassinate them from within it (4v4 Heist).

Hide, use the whistle or rock throw to cause a guard to investigate, insert assassination cut-scene.

Forest Guardian

  • Kill an enemy player who is attempting to kill a team-mate (4v4 Heist).

Stop an assassination by killing the enemy player, assassinating them is the easiest. Talk with your team about when assassinations are happening and stay together.


  • As Marianne, kill multiple enemies with a single burst of bolts (4v4 Heist).

Align State Guards as best you can, charge crossbow, fire. Try again.

Hold The Gate!

  • As John, lift a Portcullis and let a Treasure carrying team-mate through (4v4 Heist).

Uh… As John, lift a Portcullis and let a Chest carrying team-mate through.

Lord of Light

  • As Tooke, restore 500 hit points of health to team-mates within a single ability use (4v4 Heist).

Get in the mix, and pop your ability when the team is hurt. Try, try again.

Man Mountain

  • As John, kill 5 enemies in a row using melee attacks without dying (4v4 Heist).

Focus on State Guards in the beginning. Have friendly players assassinate excess numbers if they start to swarm.

Master Archer

  • As Robin, headshot an enemy player from over 50 metres (4v4 Heist).

Easiest to do while the enemy is at the winch, find a nice high place with clear line of sight. Think 1990s US Air Force. Aim High (expect arrow drop).

Most Wanted

  • Kill an enemy objective carrier, Key or Treasure, and reclaim it (4v4 Heist).

Find the carrier, kill them, pick up the dropped item… Explosives are handy here.

My Precious

  • Successfully extract the Treasure for the first time (4v4 Heist).

Win your first match. Simple.

Silence is Easy

Executed by The Sheriff (4v4 Heist).

Die… Let the sheriff catch you and die.

!!!Sliding Through The Glen

  • Following High Alert or Lockdown, slide underneath a Portcullis shortly before closing (4v4 Heist).

This is all about timing and being near a portcullis when an alert is called.

You Get Nothing, Good Day

  • Own all Capture Points simultaneously (4v4 Heist).

Work as a team and collect the points. Just grind your way through it. Advantage: you only have to own all of the spawn points at one time, a win is not required.

You Shall… Pass

  • Open the Vault for the first time (4v4 Heist).

Get the key. Open the Vault. You’re welcome.

Young Wolf

As Robin, kill multiple enemy players with a single arrow (4v4 Heist).

Equip Tier 3 Mercurial Arrow Perk and shoot the winch when two enemy players are cranking.