Back 4 Blood – How to Beat Nightmare/Hard Mode

Please note: all credit goes to MidnightPlum!

Tips for how to win matches and even nightmare/hard.

Guide to Win Every Match


As a pro B4B early access player, Im going to share with you, today, right now, ten tips that will guarantee you come out on top in the next ridden encounter.

Disable crossplay

You do not want to have console commoners in your games. They aim slow, they screech, they move slow, the AIs are better than console people. This setting can be disabled in the options.

Weapon variety is important

To ensure there is enough ammunition to go around, your squad should use a variety of primary weapons. Example 2x AR, 1x SMG 1x Shotgun

Desert eagle OP

Desert eagle OP

Choose the right cleaner for your playstyle

Offensive cleaners

  • Eg. Evangelo Walker Holly Karlee

Defensive cleaners

  • Eg. Hoffman Mom Jim

Healing cleaners

  • Eg. Doc

Build the right deck for your cleaner and playstyle

If you want to play offensive, choose offensive cleaner with offensive deck. If you want to melee, choose melee cleaner with melee focused deck. It is very bad idea to pick melee cleaner with healing deck and offensive playstyle.

Fire is very weak

Unlike L4D game series, fire is very weak in B4B. You should not rely on fire damage against the tallboy, reeker, snitches, ogre etc. Grenade and gas bottles do alot of damage though.

Use correct weapon attachments

You do not want 4x scope on shotgun, or silencer on shotgun.

The ‘firing range main menu’ allows you to test out every weapon and attachment to find best possible setup for your playstyle.

Play together as squad

B4B demands you stick together to win. Running ahead or falling behind will result in everyone losing. Try to match pace of other squad members.

Nightmare mode is hard

Most players will not even finish the game on easy mode, hard is hard.

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