Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – How to Drain Fluids

This guide shows how to drain fluids. For most of you, this is probably obvious. However, I struggled with this a bit in the beginning so I decided to make this little guide.

Guide to Drain Fluids


  1. Raise the car on the car lift.
  2. Click on the oil drain and click ‘move -> to car lift’.
  3. Click on the oil drain again and click ‘use’.
  4. Oil will now be flowing.
  5. Once it stops, click on the oil drain again and click ‘move -> move back’.

Other Fluids

  1. Make sure the car is lowered.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Left click to work on the part you want to drain.
  4. Right click on the cap.
  5. Left click on ‘Additional Tools’.
  6. Left click on ‘Drain Tool’.
  7. You are now in drain mode. Simply hold left click on the cap of the fluid you want to drain.
  8. To exit this mode, either press ‘escape’ or press right click and then press ‘Switch to part unmount mode’.

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