Splitgate – Ultimate Easy and Fast Start Guide

Everything you need to know the make the most of your time with Splitgate.

This guide mostly focuses on everything you need to know to easily obtain rewards in the menus.

How to Start Easy

Item Drops

Item drops are always free to obtain, and give you a random skin for either a gun or your player model. Currently in the beta you’ll be able to obtain 3 items drops per week after passing level 10.

Ways to obtain

  • Level Up: You get one every time you level up until level 10.
  • Daily Check-In Day 4: On the 4th day in a week that you login, you’ll get an item drop.
  • Weekly Challenges: One of the challenges always awards a drop, and you get an addition one for completing all of the weekly challenges.
  • Battle Pass: The battle pass sometimes awards item drops.

XP Gain

When you gain XP, it counts for both your account level AND your battle pass level. Here are all the ways you can get it.

Completing Matches

Depending on the mode and how well you do/if you win, you get XP when you finish a match.

Flat XP Gain

  • Daily Check-In Days 1-2: 1K
  • Daily Check-In Days 5-6: 2K
  • Daily Challenges: 9K total (3x3K)
  • Weekly Challenges: 50K total (5x10K)

XP Bonuses

These all boost the amount of XP you get from completing a match. These do not boost “Flat XP Gain”.

  • Daily Check-In Day 3: 100% for 12 hours (applied after all other XP bonuses).
  • Daily Play Streak: up to 25% (see section on Daily Play Streak).
  • Having friends in your lobby: 5% per person, up to 15%.
  • Competitive Game Modes: 25%.
  • Battle Pass: The battle pass can award XP boosts effective until the end of the pass. Currently 5%.

Daily Check-In

The Daily Check-In awards you for logging in every day, and resets weekly.

  • Day 1: 1K XP
  • Day 2: 1K XP
  • Day 3: Double XP for 12 hours
  • Day 4: Item Drop
  • Day 5: 2K XP
  • Day 6: 2K XP
  • Day 7: 100 Splitcoins

Daily Play Streak

The Daily Play Streak can give up a massive 25% bonus to XP gain, so it’s worth it to keep your play streak up if you want to level up fast. You gain a 5% XP bonus every day in a row you complete a match, up to 25% at day 6. If you don’t complete a match on any given day, your streak will reset to 0.

Daily & Weekly Challenges

Most of these are pretty easy, so the fastest way to complete them all will be most casual game modes. Completing all of your “weekly” challenges seems to only take a couple hours tops when using the “trick”(see section below) to play the specific maps you need, and your daily challenges will only take a couple of games.


It’s not immediately obvious, so I’ll note that races can be completed from the “Training” tab in the main menu.

Getting a Specific Map

For some challenges, you’ll need to play on a specific map. The fastest way is the following:

  1. Queue for a match.
  2. If the map you want isn’t available for voting, or it isn’t picked, you can safely leave the match and queue again.

Weapon Challenges

Weapon challenges award you with weapon skins for achieving feats with that weapon. Once all the challenges for that weapon are complete, you get the gold skin for that weapon.

Weapon Challenge Strategy

It would take an exceedingly long time to complete all the challenges for a gun without a plan, so let’s go over the easiest ways to get them done. Be warned that certain game modes don’t count for weapon challenges, ex: Team Swat

General Focus

Generally the only two challenges you’ll have to focus on for most guns are “Double Kills”, and “Kills Through Portals”, as the rest will happen naturally as you use the weapon.

Double Kills

There’s no super easy way to farm double kills, but it can help to do damage to as many players as possible, even if you don’t kill them. Because splitgate counts assists as kills, if someone else kills someone that you tagged, it will count as a kill, allowing you to earn a double kill now by killing a single player. In general though, you’ll just have to use the gun a lot.

Kills Through Portals

The easiest way to get kills through portal sadly is to “portal camp”, by putting one side of your portal in a spot players will be visible from, and then hiding somewhere to shoot at them. Domination is generally a decent game mode to do this, as it runs for a while and you can set your portal next to an objective.

Get 2 Kills with 1 Shot

  • Railgun and Rocket Launcher: With both of these weapons, it’s easy enough to hope two people line up. For Railgun you can play the “Instagib” game mode, if it’s available.
  • Shotgun: The hardest to get of all. Team Shotty Snipers, hope two people line up just right, possibly use your sniper to lower their HP first
  • Sniper: Team Shotty Snipers, try getting the map Atlantis. When the match starts, everyone will peek the hallway at the same time, and if you’re lucky two people will stack up and you can collateral them.

BFB Challenges

These are pretty hard. All I can recommend is to look out for when the “Fiesta”/”Team Fiesta” game modes are available, as they count for challenges and will allow you to consistently use the BFB.

Splitcoins and Referral

Splitcoins are the premium currency, and while you can buy them in the shop for real money at ~$1 USD per 100 coins, you can earn Splitcoins for free.

Ways to obtain

  • Daily Check-In Day 7: 100 Splitcoins.
  • Battle Pass: The battle pass can award Splitcoins. The current (beta) pass awards 200 Splitcoins in total.
  • Referral: 50 Splitcoins per referral (see below).


From the main menu, in the bottom left is the “Reward Center”. From here you can enter a referral code, and see your own code. When someone uses your referral code, once they hit level 10 both of you are awarded 50 Splitcoins. Players over level 10 can not use referral codes.

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