Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – How to Make Easy XP and Money

Guide to Make Maney and XP Easy

How to Make Easy XP

  • Go to the junkyard and search overall in the junk for barnfind maps.
  • Per junkyard spawn spawns 1 map in the junk. read the map and spawn to the barn.
  • Yhen you must search a loot crate in the storages of the barn. only 1 spawn per barn.
  • At least you only must open the crate. xp, money, junk, new barnfinds and lootcrates can be found in the crates.

How to Make Easy Money (Electric Car DLC Needed)

  • Go to the Junkyard and search an 2006 Atom Renton and buy it.
  • Make a full restauration.
  • Best with tuning parts.
  • Full 100% car gives over 80k credits.
  • The best is, the car haven’t much parts and the restauration is easy.

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