Chasing Tails – A Promise in the Snow – How to Obtain Kumi Enjoyer Achievement

Kumi Enjoyer Achievement Walkthrough

Note: Not all of the listed choices are necessary, but this will be more accurate.


  1. Timing doesn’t matter, but included makes it more fun.
  2. Take a closer look.
  3. To speak.
  4. Always agree with Kumi in dreams.
  5. Choosing with binoculars is not important.
  6. The choice when ringing the door is not important.
  7. I don’t want to.
  8. Straight to the point.
  9. Chicken.
  10. Symbols, Blankets.
  11. Take the book, open spread.
  12. Be indignant, there is a real one, keep silent.
  13. Slow down.
  14. Ask Kumi about everything, but about the house be sure to be the last.
  15. Leave her.
  16. Kumi.
  17. Does Rin bully you?
  18. Wouldn’t.

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