Tsugunohi – How to Change Language in the Game

For anyone who’s interested in changing the spoken language of the game, without changing the text etc.

Guide to Change Language in the Game


here’s a way to do it:

  1. First change the language of Tsugunohi by right clicking it in your library and choosing the language you want to hear, e.g. Japanese and let the game download audio files.
  2. Then open the game folder and choose gamedata -> name of the game -> www -> audio, and copy either the whole audio folder or just its content, bgm, bgs and se subfolders.
  3. After the content of the audio folder is in safe place, switch the language back to the one you want/can read, e.g. English and let the game update again.
  4. Now open the game folder once more, find the correct game and paste the audio folder you just copied in the correct folder, overwriting all the audio data in the process.

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