HUMANKIND – Useful Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Beginners Tips and Tricks

How to enable Vsync

Just turn off the frame limit and you should then be able to turn on Vsync.

Game loading issue

This is going to sound weird but it worked for alot of the players. You need to uninstall the Epic Games launcher and the game works.

How to get rid of a city

Ransack it, it destroy it completly. You will have to build outpost again or there is a button to view all your cities on the right hand side of the screen, in there you can press liberate – which will make the city independent again.

Unable to pass building a city

When you finish neolithic era, you must choose a culture, and found a capital. The capital must be a city, not an outpost. The game is forcing you to create a capital, not simply a city. If you want a better location / different location, avoid advancing from neo era until you have your spot picked out. The game auto saves frequently so all you have to do is go back to the nearest autosave, placing you back into the neo until your ready.


If you looking to make allies that playing into their personality traits is the best way to do it. So your neighbor who is volatile and adaptive will be more friendly if you are the one who pushes for that friendship.

If your neighbor is something of a loyal expansionist you can probably get them on your side as long as you both have a foe somewhere else.

Opening up some trading can help make other people friendlier.

How does the combat work?

Each ‘Army’ is a stack until a battle happens, then it switchs to something similar to a 1UPT setup with possible Capture The Flag type objectives depending on the battle. Each Battle plays out in a series of Turns where the units involved try to eliminate each other as usual, with the regional terrain being the ‘battlefield’.

Early on battles are basically whacking each other with clubs until you get enough ranged/cavalry/naval units to support the frontline. As time marches on the ‘battlefields’ get larger and larger.

How to convert your city to an outpost or otherwise attach the territory to an existing city

There is a medieval era tech that allows you to merge cities or ransack the city with your army then build an outpost there.

How to cancel the trade of a resource

Go to diplomacy and close trade.

How to transport units overseas

You need the tech which enables transport ships or boarding. It is somewhat at ERA 2/3. Afterwards you can just move the army on water. A harbor will save you a turn usually.

If you need to transport your units over deep sea/ocean

You need the “Three Masted Ship” technology from the Early Modern Era, which upgrades your naval transports to Caravels. Or if you choose Norsemen as your culture for the Medieval era, their Emblematic Unit the Langskip is a naval transport that can cross open ocean.

You can embark units in the Classical Era. The research needed is Trade Expeditions. That unlocks Transport Galley, which has a nice picture but confusingly isn’t a buildable unit, it just means you can embark your land units from then on. Coastal travel rules still apply though.

How to stop taking damage crossing Deep Water

You need better ships. It’s taking quite a number of turns to acquire them.

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