Quaver – Tips On Improving Accuracy

A quaver / general rhythm game guide to improve accuracy.

Guide to Improving Accuracy


This is just a basic guide on how to improve your accuracy in Quaver and just rhythm games in general.

Just something I thought I should mention, your accuracy is not going to improve instantly after this guide – Practice is key.

Anyways, let’s begin.

Tip 1 – Train On Tighter Timing Windows

Tighter timing windows will help you a lot in getting better accuracy. A tighter timing window will reduce the leniency that you have hitting notes and your accuracy will be judged much harder.

By having a tighter timing window you will get some new muscle memory and therefore you are forced to hit much more accurately since you have much less leniency.

In order to get tighter timing windows in Quaver, go to a song and go to modifiers.

Next, go to judgement windows and press customize.

Select a preset that is harder than standard (like strict, tough, etc.).

As time goes on the more you practice, you’ll most likely have a better time hitting easier hit windows.

Tip 2 – Play Easier Maps

When you play harder maps, you are not magically gonna have the same amount of accuracy you had playing a map in your skill range.

If you are trying to improve and play harder maps with good accuracy, keep playing maps around your skill range and try to get good accuracy on them. If you have issues with accuracy on maps around your skill range, play easier maps or play on a slower rate to obtain that muscle memory.

Once you have some good accuracy on a map around your skill range, (I’d say a high acc S is a good indicator on when you should try harder maps) then you should move try harder maps above your skill range.

Tip 3 – Pay Attention To How Early/Late You Are Hitting

Have you ever noticed what that little bar is when you play the game? That’s an accuracy bar, you want to aim for the middle of the bar.

If your inputs are aiming to the left, you are hitting too early, if your inputs are aiming to the right, you are hitting too late.

Sometimes you just need to also listen to how early/late you are clicking. I’d recommend turning up your sound effects volume and lowering your music (not too much) just so you can try to listen to how early/late you are clicking.

There is also a little note chart once you finish a song that shows your inputs based on where they landed. I recommend checking on this after each song to see what your inputs are looking like.

Tip 4 – Play More

This tip may sound cheesy but it is honestly true. You aren’t gonna get the perfect accuracy you want after one night of playing (unless you got some insane improvement rate) so don’t go into accuracy training expecting to improve literally instantly.

I will advise you also, don’t play to much. If your hands are starting to tire after playing for hours or you aren’t doing as hot as you were when you first got on, take a break.

Extra Tip – Playstyle

There are a bunch of different type of note styles in mania rhythm games, from streams to chordjacks some are definitely more harder than others.

So I just want to say this now, you will have note styles that you hit better on.

If you are feeling like your accuracy needs to improve on a certain note style (like for me, I have better accuracy on high bpm streams then I do on high bpm jacks), then practice the note style you have issues with.

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