Fantasy Blacksmith – How to Power Level

How to craft 10 swords at the same time.

Guide to Level Up


  1. Buy 10 Iron ingots from the Town, pattern doesn’t matter, 10 Guards, 10 Handles and 10 Pommels, material doesn’t matter.
  2. Heat all 10 ingots at the same time in the forge.
  3. Make sure all of them are white hot or close, and put them all onto the anvil. I had the Volcano Anvil and could stack ingots on it.
  4. Hammer all of them at the same time, temper them if you want to, put in water barrel.
  5. Put all swords by the Handle Assembler, and assemble all 10 swords.
  6. Sharpen all of the assembled swords.
  7. Drag them all upstairs and sell them. Putting them all in the magic cauldron does not work.

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