Mad Max – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Mad Max game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Early game scrap: You get quite pitiful amounts from picking up caches and leftovers from smashed vehicles, though it adds up of course. A better source is to look for Scrapulances (a type of car, looks like a pickup with a sack of scrap on the back). They show up as a cogwheel icon on the minimap. Hijacking one and taking it to a Stronghold nets you 500.
  • Mid-game scrap: With a bit of armor on your car, if you get caught in a dust storm, hang out and look for the Muthaloot boxes. Harpoon them and smash them for 3×100 scrap each.
  • Late-game scrap: You get automatic scrap from captured camps, so prioritize those when starting on a new region. They are the only real way to get the amounts you need for the last upgrades.
  • The servers for online functionality shut down in 2020, so the Scrap Crew project in Strongholds no longer works. You should only build those if you care about completion.
  • You get a ton of levels over the game and many of the challenges are things you just get without really trying. I wouldn’t spend Griffa tokens on leveling your Legend rank if you have anything else to buy. It only gives you a partial level anyway (that is, one token == one of the ten levels you need to earn the next rank).
  • The thunderpoon unlocks late in the Gutgash part of the main story. If you wish to rush the story to unlock things, that’s a good point in time to aim for.
  • If you interact with a unbuilt project in a Stronghold, it will mark the places on your map where you can find project parts for it.
  • Death races serve as fast travel points. Just get close to them to activate it.
  • Hot air balloons reveal a few things on the map from just ascending. Look around while you are up there: Anything you spot will also be added, but only after you mark it with your binoculars.
  • Gastown race is mandatory and sucks very much, so here’s some tips. Focus on making your car fast and agile, forgoing armor and ramming power. Treat it as an interception rather than a race. Ignore other cars, use nitro liberally to get in thunderstick range while avoiding mines and fire, and destroy the boss as quickly as possible. That is, the boss should be dead before the first lap is even half through: if you’re taking longer than 1-2 minutes, forget about it and restart. The paths in the race with a water spray-like effect heal your vehicle up to 2/3rd of health, but you shouldn’t need it. Use handling and weapons insignias.
  • Your car may drop an incredibly long distance without as much as a scratch, as long as it lands on wheels as it usually does. In fact, it’s hard to destroy the car by dropping down a cliff even if you tried. Feel free to drive head first into any canyon if that’s a shortcut.
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