Dread Templar – How to Defeat Spider Queen

Guide to Beat Spider Queen

All credit goes to Thomas the Gank Engine!


Start off by throwing your katana and firing all arrows into her, then just circle strafe but instead of using the rocket launcher use the shotgun, it’s too easy to damage yourself with the rockets and it forces you to keep your distance, while the shotgun has no such issues. Doesn’t really matter which one you use, but on Hell I found the pump action preferable since you’ll waste less shells if you don’t get a clean shot.

Ignore the little spiders, you should be able to outrun them and can kill them very quickly later on if you need to. Every now and again consider throwing the katana and using your arrows again, they do decent damage and save a bit of ammo. Once she shrieks and spawns in the big spiders, pop your bullet time and rocket them down asap, before going back to focusing on the boss.

If she spawns a second wave of large spiders you’ll probably take some damage due to the lack of bullet time, but you wont have taken much/any up to this point, so you should be fine as long as you kill them quickly. Just make sure to focus them as soon as they spawn while continuing to circle the boss.

If you run out of shells, switch to smg’s, if you run out of bullets then you can finish her off with rockets, at that point she should be very low on health anyway.

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