Chasing Tails – A Promise in the Snow – How to Get the Hidden Achievement

Hidden Achievement Guide

Note: It’s about Fluff and Fury hidden achievement for Kumi’s secret.


Not entirely sure what triggered it exactly but thats the path I took.

Note: timed choices were enabled.

  1. Take a closer look
  2. Come up and talk
  3. Yes
  4. Just dont
  5. We live in a society
  6. Dont want to
  7. Refuse (choice doesnt matter)
  8. Straight to the point
  9. Chicken
  10. The birds
  11. The blankets
  12. Take the book
  13. Book page doesnt matter, I tried all of them
  14. Complain (say nothing also works)
  15. You have a real exorcist in your family?
  16. Say nothing
  17. Yes
  18. Rin, slow down
  19. I tried all combinations and they all worked. Do you know whats going on in the house?
  20. Did u try to posses me?
  21. Where did u come from?
  22. Why do u call me princess?
  23. Leave her alone
  24. Talk to Kumi
  25. Did u forgive Rin?

So basicly its the same route as for the kumi lover achievement

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