Quake – How to Fix Game Crashing after Intro Logos

Got the new update? But the game crashes after the Intro Logos? This is it.

Fixing Crashing after Intro Logos

Fix 1

Renaming the Intro logo video files

I was messing around and got really annoyed with the Legal Intros (night dive, bethesda etc.), so I did the old trick to rename all of them with an extra number (1). For example: Bethesda.ogv to Bethesda1.ogv

I did the same with all the logo movies that are found in:

  • steamappscommonQuakerereleasemovies

Just rename it like I did, so every time the game loads it will skip them and go directly to the game.

Strangely enough while doing this the game fired it up! All it’s working! And yeah I’m on W7 so it has nothing to do with W10. Give it a try!

Fix 2

Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++

You will need to search and install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. For security reasons just search that file on google and make sure you download the correct version for your system from the Official Microsoft site. In my case it was “VC_redist.x64.exe”

Proof that I got it working: 

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