Might and Magic: World of Xeen – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Might and Magic: World of Xeen game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Starting Out

  • Adventurer or Warrior mode? Simply put, the game is balanced around Warrior mode and Adventurer mode is the Easy mode.
  • Once you’re ready to go, take your time, play it slow and save often. Keep multiple saves even. With WoX, you can move between the Clouds and Darkside through the pyramids, but the Darkside is much harder overall and made for higher level parties. Don’t bother with the Darkside until you get a few levels under your belt. You can easily go into late game areas and get wasted very easily, so be careful.
  • If you get stuck and need a way home, you can click the gem in the middle of the screen and call for Mr. Wizard. He will take you back to Castleview, but will take all of your gems on hand. Be warned.
  • Misc items that cast spells are very useful for non-magic casters and other characters who can’t cast a particular spell. Some spells you should look out for in items: Lloyd’s Beacon, Town Portal, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Time Distortion, Teleport, Cure Paralysis/Poison/Disease, Divine Intervention, Power Cure, Raise Dead, Town Portal, Stone to Flesh.


With regards to weapons and armor, the general rule for Material is:

  • Obsidian > Diamond > Sapphire > Emerald > Ruby > Platinum > Gold > Quartz > Steel > Ebony > Silver > Amber > Pearl – Lapis > Iron > Coral – Crystal > Glass > Bronze > Brass > Wood > Leather.

Element and Attribute modifications are useful on Accessories and not so much on weapons and armor.

Character Creation and Party Builds

The default party you start with is okay, but I suggest deleting those characters and creating your own party, HOWEVER, before you do, distribute the items on those characters as the characters you build don’t get the extra items the prefab characters get.

Class information

  • Knight – High HP, can wear all armor and use all weapons. No magic. Gets an extra attack every 5 levels. Your basic tank.
  • Barbarian – Higher HP, gets an extra attack every 4 levels, but is limited on armor and a few weapons. Will have less def than a Knight, but more HP. Take your pick.
  • Paladin – Knight + Cleric. All weapons and armor, but less hp, less attacks and can cast Cleric spells.
  • Archer – Knight + Sorcerer. Most weapons and armor, less hp, less attacks and can cast Sorcerer spells.
  • Robber – One of two characters who can pick locks and disarm by default. More defense orientated and has more thievery.
  • Ninja – The other characters who can pick locks and disarm. More offensive as they get more attacks but less HP and thievery.
  • Sorcerer – Your main nuker, gets lots of good spells but little in the way of HP, armor and weapons.
  • Cleric – Your main healer, great healing spells and decent defense but little in the way of HP and offense.
  • Ranger – A combo of Paladin and Archer. Better HP than both, but has a weaker spell list. A generalist.
  • Druid – Similar to the Ranger, but the Sorc and Cleric instead. Doesn’t get the best of the best spells.

  • In World of Xeen (WoX) you will typically want: A beefy front line, someone with thievery and good casters. The prefab party is: Paladin, Knight, Ranger, Robber, Cleric, Sorcerer. This is a good party. If you want more spellcasting, go Ranger, Paladin, Archer, Robber, Cleric, Sorc. Or you could go with more frontline offense and go Barb, Paladin, Ranger, Ninja, Cleric, Sorc. Druids are the least useful of all the classes and I wouldn’t bother with one of those. Otherwise the rest are all pretty good.
  • Certain classes will also get bonus skills, but you can get these for other classes later.
  • Race plays a minor effect on your character with bonuses or detriments to HP and SP per level, resistances and skills. They are not super important except if you’re trying to min/max. Alignment is very minor in this game and really is more for flair from what I can tell.
  • Stats are important with 11-12 being average. Less than that and you have penalties, more and you get bonuses.

  • Might: Boosts physical attacks and is needed for bashing open doors any other things that call for a Might check. Primary physical attackers should have this reasonably high.
  • Intellect: Important for Archers, Sorcerers, Druids and Rangers for SP. Otherwise a dump stat.
  • Personality: Important for Paladins, Clerics, Druids and Rangers for SP. Otherwise a dump stat.
  • Endurance: HP per level. Important for all.
  • Speed: AC bonus and how early in a round your character acts.
  • Accuracy: Chance to hit with melee or ranged.
  • Luck: Applies to Resistance Rolls for status effects and damage effects.
  • Skills to give to all characters
  • Arms Master: Bonus to hit
  • Body Builder: Extra HP
  • Merchant: Full value for selling items at shop instead of half.
  • Mountaineer: Only 2 characters needed to move through mountains, but good for everyone to have.
  • Navigator: Reduces time in deserts to 10 minutes per move instead of 4 hours.
  • Pathfinder: Same as Mountaineer, but for forests.
  • Swimming: Needed to go through shallow water without Walk on Water.

Skills to give to some/one characters

  • Astrologer: Extra SP for Druids and Rangers
  • Cartographer: Auto-mapping.
  • Crusader: Needed for Castle Burlock.
  • Danger Sense: Lets you know when enemies are near.
  • Direction Sense: Enables the compass.
  • Linguist: Some checks look for this skill.
  • Prayer Master: Extra SP for Paladins and Clerics.
  • Prestidigitator: Extra SP for Sorcerers and Archers.
  • Spot Secret Doors: Lets you know where you can bash open hidden passages.
  • Thievery: Innate on Robbers and Ninjas. Mandatory.

Useless skills

  • Tracker
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