Mortal Shell – Complete Map

Two unique maps that help you find your way around the game so you don’t get lost and or can retrace your steps and find the next area or exit.


Choose which ever map is easier for you to follow.

Map #1

Map #2


  1. No offence, but most souls-like players don’t need a map at all, or did you when playing Bloodborne, Dark Souls 1 + 2 + 3, Sekiro, The Surge 1 + 2, Nioh 1 + 2, Darksiders 3? Once you get used to it, your brain starts memorizing everything and provide you a map for free

  2. which is how you know the level design here is very poor. they apparently went with the DS2 method of map design and made it may more of a cluster fuck and punishs you for exploring

  3. The best part is looking around and venturing. Getting lost and trying to figure out your terrain is part of the experience. Honestly feels like a true adventure.

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