Greak: Memories of Azur – How to Defeat First Boss (Ryssar Odekt)

Guide to Beat First Boss


The tactic for this boss is to hit 2-3 times right after it finished its attack and move far away from it.

You can predict its next move from its head’s position:

  • If its head is facing the bottom, it’s the leap attack.
  • If its head is facing the left/right side, it’s the charge attack.

You can attack from behind the boss if it does the leap attack. the pattern for this is always the same (1x ground slam and then quick ground slam on normal state, 3x ground slam and quick ground slam on rage state).

You can either press the dodge button or double jump to dodge the boss’ attacks. If you have the up+slash skill, spam it since it deals more damage than normal attack.

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