Destiny 2 – Atlas Skews Locations (Week 1-2)

Where to Find All Atlas Skews – Week #1

Divalian-Rheasilvia Path, Lower Cliffside

Top of Divalian Mist just drop down the cliff.

Divalian-Cimmerian Path, Central Cave

Center of the Divalian mist area just follow the screenshots hard to miss.

Drowned Bay Alcove

Start of the Drowned Bay lost sector just head in and hug the right wall.

Spine Oracle Orrey

Top of the Oracle engine room just head up the stairs, hard to miss.

Distant Spine Island Tree

This one’s a bit of a walk just follow the path out from the oracle engine, its right at the end.

Where to Find All Atlas Skews – Week #2

Strand Towering Statue

This one’s on top of the the statue.

Strand Gazebo Statue

This one’s behind the gazebo on a cliff, Just jump around to the left.

Garden Waterfall

This one’s in the Gardens of Esila, You get in there by going through the bottom of the strand. Then its just by the waterfall, nothing special.

Garden Bridge Tree

End of the bridge by the tree. Same area as the waterfall.

Aphelion Brazier

Last one, Its in the Alphelion’s rest lost sector behind the boss chest.

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